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Oil immersed power transformer Cooling methods & Standard

April 29, 2019

Oil Leakage Fault Analysis of Distribution Transformer

1. Oil Leakage at Welding Site

Mainly due to poor welding quality, virtual welding, de-welding, pinholes and sand holes in the weld, oil-immersed transformer exposes hidden dangers after operation due to the covering of flux and paint when it leaves the factory. In addition, electromagnetic vibration will cause welding vibration cracking, resulting in leakage. For those leakage phenomena that have already occurred, the first step is to find out the leakage points, which should not be omitted. For serious leakage parts, metal tools such as flat shovels or sharp punches can be used to rivet the leakage points. After controlling the leakage, the treatment surface can be cleaned up. Polymer composite materials are mostly used for curing. After curing, the purpose of long-term treatment of leakage can be achieved.

2. Oil Leakage of Seals

The reason of bad sealing is that oil-resistant rubber rod or rubber pad is usually used to seal the edge and cover of the box. If the joint is not properly handled, oil leakage will occur. Some are tied with plastic tape, some directly press the two ends together, because of rolling during installation, the interface can not be pressed firmly, can not play a sealing role, is still oil leakage. Fushi blue can be used to bond the joint to form a whole, and the oil leakage phenomenon can be greatly controlled. If the operation is convenient, the metal shell can also be bonded at the same time to achieve the purpose of leakage control.

3. Oil Leakage at Flange Joint

Flange surface is uneven, fastening bolt is loose, installation technology is incorrect, so that the bolt is not tightened properly, resulting in oil leakage. Firstly, the loose bolts are tightened, then the flanges are sealed, and the bolts that may leak are also treated to achieve the purpose of complete treatment. To tighten the loosened bolts, the operation must be carried out strictly in accordance with the operation process.

4. Oil leakage from bolts or pipe threads

When leaving the factory, the process is rough and the seal is not good. The oil leakage fault will occur after the oil-immersed transformer is sealed for a period of time. The bolt is sealed with high polymer material to control leakage. Another method is to screw out the bolt (nut) and apply Fushilan release agent on the surface, then tighten the bolt after applying the material on the surface. After solidification, the purpose of treatment can be achieved.

5. Oil Leakage in Cast Iron Castings

Oil leakage is mainly caused by sand holes and cracks in iron castings. For crack leakage, drilling crack stop hole is the best way to eliminate stress and avoid extension. According to the condition of cracks, lead wire can be inserted into the leak point or riveted by hand hammer. Then the leakage point is cleaned with acetone and sealed with material. Cast sand holes can be sealed directly with materials.

6. Oil Leakage from Radiator

Oil leakage often occurs in the bending part(corrugated fins wall) and welding part of the radiator tube, which is made by pressing the flattened seamed steel tube. This is due to the tension on the outer wall of the radiator tube, the pressure on its inner wall and the residual stress.

The upper and lower plate valves (butterfly valves) of the radiator are closed, so that the oil in the radiator is separated from the oil in the tank, and the pressure and leakage are reduced. After determining the leakage site, proper surface treatment is carried out, and then the sealing treatment is carried out with Fushi Blue material.

The PLC automatic Corrugated Radiator wall pressing machine using, insure the folded steel wall has a good precision. Together the using of automatic welding machine for Corrugated Fins Wall Seam Welding.

JTFY PLC Automatic Corrugated Fins Wall Welding Machine, is the best quality welding machine. Corrugated Fins height, Welding seam length can be set by PLC. Whole welding process is full automatic. Welded Fins Wall seam is smooth,quality is good.

full auto corrugated fins wall manufacturing line

full auto corrugated fins wall manufacturing line

After welding, we can use Leakage testing machine to check corrugated cooler wall. It is inspected by pressure air.

corrugated fins wall leakage testing machine

corrugated fins wall leakage testing machine

7. Oil Leakage from Porcelain Bottles and Glass Oil Labels

Usually due to improper installation or seal failure. Polymer composites can bond metal, ceramics, glass and other materials very well, so as to achieve the fundamental treatment of oil leakage.

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1.PLC Full-atuo Transformer Tank Corrugated Fins Production Line

transformer oil tank corrugated fin production line is full automatically

transformer oil tank corrugated fin production line is full automatically

2.PLC Full-auto Transformer Tank Corrugated Fins Welding Machine

corrugated fins welding machine

corrugated fins welding machine

3.Hydraulic Decoiler

Hydraulic decoiler used to load steel roll

Hydraulic decoiler used to load steel roll

4.Corrugated Fins Leak Testing Machine

corrugated fins wall leakage testing machine

corrugated fins wall leakage testing machine

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