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Purchase die casting machine for making electric iron soleplate from Bangladesh

May 3, 2022

This case is an equiry from a home applicances and cookwares manufacturer in Bangladesh. They want to buy die casting machine to make aluminum electric iron soleplate and aluminum cookwares.

kitchenware home appliance aluminum part die casting machine

What machine can be used to make Aluminum Electric iron solepalte or Steam iron sole plate?

Electric iron solepalte or Steam iron sole plate is made from aluminum alloy by high pressure die casting method. We use 220T,280T,300T Horizontal Cold Chamber Die Casting Machines to cast electric iron soleplate and steam electric iron soleplate.

Enquiry dialogue of Electric iron solepalte making machine between buyer and machine manufacturer:

Machine buyer: I want to purchase die casting machine for making electric iron soleplate.

Machine buyer: We are manufacturer of home appliances and cookware products in Bangladesh.

Machine buyer: Please suggest us machine for making electric iron soleplate, sandwich maker baking tray and casseroles.

Cast Machine manufactuer: Yes, we have many clients produce electric and steam iron sole plate with our die casting machine.

Machine buyer: Our main need is the electric iron sole plate.

(Electric iron soleplate and steam iron sole plate photos follows)

aluminum die cast steam iron sole platesteam iron sole plate

die cast aluminum electric iron sole plate by 220T LZ die casting machineElectric iron soleplate


Machine buyer: Two types of soleplate. One model have holes for water.

Cast Machine manufactuer: Yes, our die casting machine can produce them. Normally use our 220T can meet your demand. For steam iron soleplate,

if your part is big, can use our 300T machine.

Machine buyer: Now I am looking to know estimated machine prices and production capacity.

Cast Machine manufactuer: Please send me your detail drawings or sizes to my email:

Cast Machine manufactuer: We will check and choose the suitable machine for you.

Machine buyer: Can you share your catalog?

Cast Machine manufactuer: Yes, our electric iron soleplate die casting machine catalog and videos will be send out by email. Pls. kindly check later.

Electric iron sole plate making machine working process:

By LZ 220T~300T electric iron soleplate die casting machine, with steam electric iron soleplate die casting mold/die.

Manual aluminum electric iron soleplate making process:

  1. set electric tube part in mold cavities

  2. ladle molten aluminum alloy into cold chamber of die cast machine

  3. inject aluminum alloy into mold cavities

  4. got casted aluminum iron soleplate

  5. For small iron soleplate, one mold can produce 2pcs soleplates; For big steam electric iron soleplate, one mold produce 1pcs soleplate only.

Detail electric iron sole plate die casting machine Youtube video:

Steam electric iron sole plate making machine working process Youtube video:

Aluminum electric iron soleplate by LZ 220T die cast machine

More information about Aluminum electric sole plate making machine, mold and working details, email us:

(Next blog is for Aluminum cookwares making machine )


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