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sell 1100T Cold Chamber Hydraulic Pressure Die Casting Machine

April 25, 2022

LZ11000KN High Pressure Die casting machine is large scale heavy duty machine type. Works with melting furnace, auto ladling robot, sprayer, die cast part pick-up robot to reach auotmatic die cast process. Email:


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DC1100 Ton Horizontal Cold Chamber Hydraulic Pressure Die Casting Machine Specification (LZ1100T)

1 Clamping Force KN 11000
2 Inner space between tie bars(H*V) mm 1030×1030
3 Die Stroke mm 950
4 Die Thickness mm 450~1150
5 Ejection Stroke mm 190
6 Ejection Force KN 500
7 Injeciton Force KN 900
8 Injection position(center is "0",down is "-") mm 0,-150,-300
9 Dia. of shot sleeve mm 90,100,110,120,130
10 Dia.of Injection chamber flange mm 240f7
11 Over height of flange mm 20-0.05
12 Dosage of fluid metal pershot kg 21.1(Al.)
13 Projected area cm 711~3166
14 Injection pressure Mpa 30~133.6
15 Dry cycle s 14
16 Oil tank capacity L 1600
17 Motor power KW 30*2
18 Machine sizes(L*W*H) M 9.1×2.2×3.3

(Remark: 1.The die casting machine supplier keeps the right to revise above parameters, If there is any alterations, advance notice won't be given then. )

1100T Heavy Duty Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine manufacturer

Full Automation horizontal cold chamber die-casting machines:

Heavy duty die casting process must work with auotmatically. The use of Automation equipment makes the die casting process full automatically.

The whole automatic die casting unit involve:Melting furance, Auto lading robot, Die casting machine, Auto sprayer, Extractor.

full automatic die casting unit

Full automatic working process of cold chamber die casting machine:

Die casting machine PLC control the whole process. Automatic ladler pour molten aluminum metal alloy from melting pot to die casting machine cold chamber. Then, be inject to mold cavities to got die-cast parts. Auto extractor pick-up casting part from die tool, put them on conveyor. The auto sprayer cooling and lubricating the mold cavity. And, to start then next die casting process.

full automatic die casting process of cold chamber die casting machine

LZ 1100 Ton Cold Chamber Hydraulic Pressure Die Casting Machine Molding Plate Specification:

1100 Ton Cold Chamber Hydraulic Pressure Die Casting Machine Molding Plate Specification

LZ 1100 Ton Cold Chamber Hydraulic Pressure Die Casting Machine Cement Ground Specification:

1100 Ton Cold Chamber Hydraulic Pressure Die Casting Machine Cement Ground Specification

Cold Chamber Hydraulic Pressure Die Casting Machine Warranty and Service:

1.Before Sales Services

Provide pre-sales consultation such as investment budget and plant planning, so as to make the customer's plant design reasonable, standardized and save costs.

2.Exworks test

  1. Continuous grounding resistance test

  2. Injection speed test

  3. Clamping force test

  4. Electric control system test

  5. Machine appearance inspection

  6. Full load test for more than 72 hours

3.After Sales Services

By guiding customers to install the water and electricity of die casting machines, adjusting new machines. Training customers' technicians and operators. The machine placement is standardized and reasonable. Enable relevant personnel to be familiar with the machine operation and maintance.

  1. Provide FREE standard spare parts together with machine.

  2. Install die casting machine.

  3. Trainning Die casting operator.

  4. Any questions be replied by email, video, photos within 24hr.

  5. Engineer guide your operater to work and adjust machine by video on line.

  6. Quality guarantee period: 12 months after machine put into operation.

  7. If the equipment fails during the guarantee peirod, the manufacturer shall repair and replace accessories free of charge.

    Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine Servo Driven System:

Servo driven system is an advisable choice for die casting machine factory. It features:

  1. Energy saving

  2. Rapid response and improved efficiency

  3. Stable pressure and precision

  4. High repetition accuracy

  5. High speed and large lifting flow

  6. Connection mode to improve heat dissipation performance

    servo die casting machine

    More information about our 1100T Cold Chamber Hydraulic Pressure Die Casting Machine Service & Price, Please email us:



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