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SELL 18T High Pressure Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine

April 27, 2022

18T High Pressure Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine used to produce zinc alloy jewerly, precision electric parts etc. Machine operated with full automatic. Materials involve: Lead (PB) alloy, Zinc (Zamak) alloy, Tin alloy etc. Email:
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18T High Pressure Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine has improved on the basis of other similar type machines. We adopts worldwide famous brands of electrical appliance and hydraulic component, high reliability, high efficiency of production, high automation. The zinc alloy, lead alloy and tin alloy which is manufactured by the machine has the good surface quality, and can be polishing, electrofacing, and spray lacquer. And it is widely used in manufacturing toy, lockset, fishing gear, hardware decorating parts, electrical and electronic casting, automobile part, watchcase, clothing metal accessory and so on.

18T High-pressure Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine

18T High Pressure Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine Features:

  1. Auto-mould height adjustment: ensure fast adjusting, stable clamping and high durability.

    high pressure die casting machine mold adjusting mechanism

2. Adopt integrated injection cylinder, which has high efficiency, stability and safety.

hot chamber die casting machine injection cylinder mechanism

3. Mold closing protective system can protect operator's security, and reduce mold damage probability.

4. The central automatic lubrication system has the function of regular and quantitative safety detection at the same time to ensure the normal lubrication of the mechanical system.

central automatic lubrication system of hot chamber die casting machine

5. Control panel with easy operation and safe locking protection design.

hot chamber die casting machine control panel

6. Reliable and durable automatic sprayer assures fast and stable production.

Automatic sprayer of hot chamber die casting machine

7. The improved melting furnace adopts advanced design and material, more energy saving and durable.

melting Pot of hot chamber die cast machine

8. Mold closing/opening adopts electronic fix detecting system, and its precision is higher.

parameters setting by PLC

9. The alarm information can be found conveniently and timely.

10. Injection operation, opening and locking mould design etc. can be set on the screen rapidly and accurately.

die cast machine mould closing opening mechanism


11. High-strength steel alloy tie bar with chromium plated for high wear resistance and long service life.

12. Thickened platen was made of excellent ductile cast iron with high rigidity, even stress and little distortion, which ensures the stability of die casting machine.

13. Diagonal five point toggle was made of ductile cast iron with high rigidity, high durability, and more stable mold opening and closing.

14. The heat treated parts of the injection system are made of high-quality hot processed steel.

chrome plated die cast machine tie bars

18T High Pressure Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine Specification and Parameters:

Locking Force 180KN Motor Power 5.5KW
Draw Bar Inner Space 215×225mm Bladder Accumulator Capacity 10L
Moving Clamping Plate 125mm Vane Pump Working Pressure 7.0Mpa
Profiling Thicknes 110 – 190mm Electric Heating Tube Power 6.8KW
Injection Pressure 20KN Heater Power 1KW
Injection Stroke 72mm Fuel Tank Capacity 170L
Dosage of Fluid Metal Pershot(Zn) 180g Machine Dimensions 约1450kg
Crucible Effective Capacity(Zn) 110Kg Machine Weight 250×90×180cm
Vane Pump 28L/min    

Usage of high pressure hot chamber die casting machine:

High Pressure Hot chamber die casting machine widely used for low melting point alloys. Zinc/zamak die casting parts, lead alloy die casting parts, tin alloy die casting parts etc.

Mostly the machine always be used to produce zinc alloy die casting parts, the machine also named: zinc die casting machine, zinc injection machine.

hot chamber die casting

Compare with cold chamber die casting machine, this machine is small. Its key function is injection work, so it also called: small die casting machine, small zinc injection machine, small high pressure inject machine.

12T hot chamber die casting machine

High pressure hot chamber horizontal die casting machine details structures:

Small hot chamber machine contains a melting furnace pot, machine body & base, clamping mold mechanism, accumulator, hydraulic system etc. Now, we will show you the small hot chamber horizontal die casting machine details structures:

1. Front structure of hot chamber machine:

hot chamber die casting machine structure

2. Back side of hot chamber pressure die cast machine:

hot chamber pressure injection machine back side structure

3. Horizontal hot chamber die casting machine right side structure:

hot chamber die casting machine right side structure

4. Hot chamber pressure injection machine left side structure:

hot chamber die casting machine left side structure

The advantages of HD special melting pot goose-neck structure:

Special designed goose neck structure with pot, which keep alloy melting leverl same with injection nozzle. That reduce the air sapce of gooseneck to mold cavity. Finished die casting parts inside air holes are reduced sharply.

  1. Pot material made from special stainless iron.

  2. Molten metal alloy flow into hot chamber directly.

  3. Gooseneck structure be cast together with pot.

  4. Gooseneck structure connect with nozzle, which has a designed angle to keep molten metal level same with nozzle hole. That avoid many air be push into mold cavities.

gooseneck die casting machine melting pot

Machine base is a hydraulic tank. It bears the furnace and machine body. Die casting machine body key structure is the clamping mechanism. The contains guide ways, mold platens, mold adjusting system etc.

hot chamber die casting machine body

Die casting machine pressure from the hydraulic station. Accumulator used to balance the machine pressure.

die casting machine accumulator & injection plunger

What is the high pressure hot chamber die casting working process?

1.Melting Furnace Pot

Electric heating tubes heat metal alloy to molten state. (If first time use the melting pot, no alloy cover the electric heating tubes, we need pour molten alloy to the pot or use burner to melt metal blocks in pot firstly. When metal alloy covers the heating tubes, machine electric heating method can be used. )

2. Hot Chamber Injection Process

1st. Die casting die is clamped and the injection plunger rises, opening the hot chamber hole, allowing molten metal flow into the chamber cylinder.

2nd.The plunger seals the hot chamber hole, pushing the molten alloy through the gooseneck and nozzle into the mold cavities where it is held under pressure until metal alloy solidifies.

3rd.After the metal has solidified in the cavity, the plunger is withdrawn.

4th. Die casting machine movable platen move back and mold opens. Die casting parts be eject out from movable die half by ejector pins.

5th.Lubricating and cooling mold cavity. Die casting mold temperature is about 150℃.

6th>Mold closes and to start the next injection cycle.

More about hot chamber die cast process please view video:

1. Full auto horizontal die casting machine video

2. 12T vertical die casting machine video

3. 20T vertical die casting machine fishing bait making

4. 20T zinc end wire casting machine L-type machine

5. 20T vertical wire zinc end die casting machine (wires position locking mechanism-wire retainer)


About the cold chamber die casting process please view video:

1. Manual cold chamber die casting machine video:

2. Auto cold chamber die casting machine video:


About small 12T horizontal die casting machine price, or die casting mould, please feel free to email us: We will choose suitable machine types, suggestions of mould design, provide free die casting samples.


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