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sell 7000Kn Cold Chamber Pressure Casting Machine

April 23, 2022

LZ700T High Pressure Die casting machine work with automatic ladling machine, auto spraying machine, auto extractor. Which can establish automatic die casting process to produce Aluminum, Zinc alloy parts. Pressure die casting machine cost and auxiliary equipment cost, pls. Email:


7000Kn Cold Chamber Pressure Casting Machine Specification (LZ700T)

1 Clamping Force KN 7000
2 Inner space between tie bars(H*V) mm 830×830
3 Die Stroke mm 820
4 Die Thickness mm 350~900
5 Ejection Stroke mm 200
6 Ejection Force KN 316
7 Injeciton Force KN 235~680
8 Injection position(center is "0",down is "-") mm 0,-250
9 Dia. of shot sleeve mm 80,60,100
10 Dia.of Injection chamber flange mm 165f7
11 Over height of flange mm 15-0.05
12 Dosage of fluid metal pershot kg 12.4(Al.)
13 Projected area cm 518~972
14 Injection pressure Mpa 30~135.4
15 Dry cycle s 13
16 Oil tank capacity L 1200
17 Motor power KW 37
18 Machine sizes(L*W*H) M 8.6×2×3.3

(Remark: 1.The die casting machine supplier keeps the right to revise above parameters, If there is any alterations, advance notice won't be given then. 2. Servo die casting machine can be choosed to save energy and cost. )

LZ700T Cold Chamber Pressure Casting Machine

7000Kn Cold Chamber Pressure Casting Machine Molding Plate Specification:

7000Kn Cold Chamber Pressure Casting Machine Molding Plate Specification

7000Kn Cold Chamber Pressure Casting Machine Cement Ground Specification:

7000Kn Cold Chamber Pressure Casting Machine Cement Ground Specification


Horizontal Cold Chamber High Pressure Die Casting Machine has two working methods: Maunual Operation and Full Auto Operation:

  1. Manual high pressure cold chamber die casting machinery:

    The manual operation involve two key machines: Horizontal cold chamber die-cast machine and Melting furance.

    -Horizontal high pressure die caster can be choose standard type or servo driven type.

    Horizontal high pressure die caster

    -Melting furance: Electric melting furnace, Gas melting furance, Biological particales melting furance.

    melting furance of cold chamber die casting machine

    (For magnesium alloy die casting, special Magnesium alloy automatic pouring melting furance must be used.)

    magneisum alloy melting furance of die casting machine

    Die casting machine melting pot types:

    Graphite crucible for die casting machine melting kettle, it is popular in die casting process now.

    Cast iron crucibe for pressure die-cast machine melting pot.

    What is the Cold chamber die casting machine process

  2. Full Automation horizontal cold chamber die-casting machines:

Automation equipment makes the die casting process full automatically.

The whole automatic die casting unit involve:Melting furance, Auto lading robot, Die casting machine, Auto sprayer, Extractor.

full automatic die casting unit

What is the Cold chamber die casting machine process?

  1. In manual working process: die casting opeartor pour molten aluminum alloy from furance to cold chamber, then casting machine inject metal to die tool to get the die casting parts.

    manual die casting machine operation process

In full automatic working process: Die casting machine PLC control the whole process. Automatic ladler pour molten aluminum metal alloy from melting pot to die casting machine cold chamber. Then, be inject to mold cavities to got die-cast parts. Auto extractor pick-up casting part from die tool, put them on conveyor. The auto sprayer cooling and lubricating the mold cavity. And, to start then next die casting process.

full automatic die casting process of cold chamber die casting machine

Servo driven die casting machine

Servo driven system is an advisable choice for die casting machine factory. It features:

  1. Energy savingRapid response and improved efficiency

  2. Stable pressure and precision

  3. High repetition accuracy

  4. High speed and large lifting flow

  5. Connection mode to improve heat dissipation performance


    servo die casting machine

How to choose suitable cold chamber die casting machine?

1.As per different die casting metal alloy, die caster types: aluminum die casting machine, zinc (zamak) die casting machine, magneisum die casting machine, copper (brass) die casting machine.

- Aluminum die casting machine used to produce aluminum alloy die casting parts. Use a gas or electric melting furance can start the production. Die casting mould normally is H13 mold steel.

aluminum die casting part

- Zinc/Zamak die casting machine, in cold chamber types, it used to produce big zinc alloy die casting parts. (For small die casting parts, such as zipper slider, jewelry, electronic part, hot chamber die casting machine is more suitable.) Same as Aluminum die casting, just has an extra melting pot can start produce zamak die casting parts.

zinc zamak die casting part

- Magnesium die casting machine. Magnesium alloy characters strong, light weight, easy for machining. It is more popular those years. To produce magnesium die casting part, specail ordered magnesium die casting machine with a magneisum alloy melting furance must be used. The furance connect with protect gas, avoid buring in melting process, quantitative feeding magnesium alloy to pressure machine cold chamber.

magnesium die casting part

2. As per die casting machine tonnage, it can be classifed as: small die casting machine, large scale die casting mahcine.

Small die casting machine most is hot chamber high pressure injection machine. It has horizontal type and vertical type.

small hot chamber die casting machinevertical die casting machine

Large scale die casting machine normally is cold chamber pressure die-cast machine. Most is horizontal type.

large scale die casting machine

Cold Chamber Die Caster specifications and parameters download:

  1. PDF TYPE:

    LZ150~LZ2000 sell 7000Kn Cold Chamber Pressure Casting MachineLZ150LZ2000 cold chabmer die casting machine specifications and parameters.pdf

  2. JPG TYPE:

    LZ150~LZ550 sell 7000Kn Cold Chamber Pressure Casting MachineLZ150LZ550 cold chabmer die casting machine specifications and parameters.jpg

    LZ700~LZ2000 sell 7000Kn Cold Chamber Pressure Casting MachineLZ700LZ2000 cold chabmer die casting machine specifications and parameters.jpg

Key Elements Brands of LZ high pressure die casting aluminum molding machine:

1 Hydraulic oil pump HYTEK CHINA
2 Magnetic valve、Electro-hydraulic valve HYTEK CHINA
3 Cooler LONGTENG Joint-venture
4 Lubrication equipment LIUBIAN CN-JP joint
7 Touch screen TouchWin CANADA
8 Sealing system(glyd ring,step seal) FIETZ GERMANY
9 High-pressure hose AEROQUIP USA

die casting machine key parts brand

(Remark: Aluminum Molding Machine Spare parts brands can be changed as per customer demand. The producer of die casting machine-LZ (China) keeps the right to revise above parameters. If there is any alterations, advance notice won't be given then. Die Casting Machine spare parts brands can be changed as per customer demand.)

High Pressure Die-Cast Machine performance characteristics:

  1. DDC system and fast accumulation system, which shorten production cycle efficiently.

    high pressure die casting machine accumulater

  2. Central electrical lubrication system.

    high pressure die casting machine lubrication system

  3. Hydraulic driven gear-type mould height adjusting mechanism.

    aluminum die casting machine mold adjusting system by gear

  4. Four stages control of injection speed and pressure, independent high-speeding intensification injection accumulators. Quality accumulator in die casting machine insure the pressure output stable, strong, fast. Two intensification activation ways: position way and pressure way.

    Pressure die cast machine injection system

  5. High rigidity molding platen, high tensile alloy steel hard chrome plated tie bar.

    cold chamber die caster moulding platen and tie bar

  6. PLC control system (with touch screen) with fast, stable, safe and reliable operation, high precision, and functions such as production management, trouble diagnosis, and 50 sets mould parameters storage.

    PLC cold chamber die casting machine control system

  7. High speed hydraulic ejection and core-pulling devices.

    horizontal cold chamber die casting machine ejection system

  8. Electrical proportional control of system pressure and flow, with multi-stage pressure and speed control, and low-pressure die close protection function.

    PLC horizontal cold chamber die casting machine pressure system

Realtime Control System of High Pressure Die Cast Machine

Accurate Close Loop Control Technology

1. Multistep velocity control, up to ten steps during shooting.

2. Real time control cycle -1ms.

3. High precision measurement of the possion, velocity, force of the cylinder values and real-time feedback close loop control.

4. Uniform acceleration function

Braking At The End Of The High Speed Funtion

1. Improve casting product quality eftetively.

2. Reduce the gas hole ratio effetively of die casting parts.

3. Start without impact, accurately multistep velocity control, the uniform accleration function can improve die cast product surface quality and reduce the air hole ratio.

4. Non-flash technology.

5. Braking at the end of the high speed funtion, quick reply of reduce pressure & speed, avoid the impact & flash, prolong die tool life.

cold chamber die casting machine PLC injection parameters

Steadly Reliably Repeatablity

1. Repeated accurncy of the shooting velocity ≦2%.

2. The injection curve is stored and compared according to 100 groups of cycles. Product detection alarm.

3. High stability to ensure consistent product quality.

Multi-grades injection control of cold chamber high pressure die casting machine

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