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SELL 700Type Lead acid battery positive spine grid die casting machines

April 23, 2022

Lead Acid Battery Positive Grid Spine Pressure Die Casting Machine 700 Type used to manufacturer 2V lead acid battery tubular grids, forklift battery positive spines. Grid length max. is 630mm.

The pressure grid die cast machine process is automatic. Lead alloy feeding, casted grids pick up, and cutting is manual operated. Whole spine manufacturing has 2 process: grid die casting, casted spine cutting.

Lead Acid Battery Positive Grid Spine Pressure Die Casting Machine 700 Type

Type700 Lead acid battery positive grid die casting machine main parameters:

Type and size of the grids:

  1. Grid length Max.: 630mm (2V battery, L<610mm. single palate)

  2. Grid rib dia.: grid rib length 500mm, dia.≥3.0mm; grid rib length 630mm,dia.≥3.4mm

  3. Grid width: Max.260mm

die casting forklift battery positive spine

Tubular Positive Plate Spine Pressure Casting Machine Technical Specification (Type 700):

  1. Melting pot capacity: 1800kg

  2. System pressure: 21Mpa

  3. Manufacturing Capacity: 2-3pieces/Min

  4. Quality: Machine Qualified rate: 100%; Casting parts qualified rate: 95-100% (grids structure affect the qualified rate.)

  5. Machine power: 45kw; Pressure air: 0.4-0.6MPa; Water pressure: 0.1MPa

Type700 Lead acid battery positive grid die casting machine main performance:

  1. Semi-auto control, auto injection, pick up grid by manual.

  2. Use Famous brand hydraulic valves. Electrical control system has Semi-auto/Manual control.

  3. With safety light curtain and safety switch to guarantee worker safe.

  4. Electrical system adopts PLC control, with touch screen operation.

  5. The heating of Lead alloy pot and mold by automatic control. Mold clamping platens and hydraulic system with cooling system.

  6. Mold material: H13 or Customerzied.

  7. Pot with dust cage,which can be connected with vent-pipe directly.

  8. Cutting machine used to cut grid as per drawing requirement, one serious grid only adjust cutter to got different length, different serious grid need change cutter.

  9. Timing heating function, process parameter password protection function.

  10. Machine size: 4500mmx900mmx1700mm(TYPE700)

Lead acid battery positive spine grid die casting machine spare parts list:

1 Cylinder liner PCS 1  
2 Nozzle(stainless steel) PCS 1  
3 Plunger PCS 1  
4 Plunger ring PCS 10 stainless steel
5 Pot heating pipe PCS 1  
6 Mold heating pipe PCS 2  
7 Nozzle heating pipe PCS 10  
8 Approach switch PCS 2  
9 Pot thermocouple PCS 1  
10 Nozzle thermocouple PCS 1  
11 Mold thermocouple PCS 1  
12 Mold locking Hydro-cylinder SET 1  
13 Ejection Hydro-cylinder SET 1  
14 Mold moving Hydro-cylinder SET 3  
15 Injection Hydro-cylinder seal SET 3  
16 Mold locking Hydro-cylinder seal SET 6  
17 Ejection Hydro-cylinder seal SET 1  
18 Steel tube connector seal SET 1  
19 Pressure relay PCS 1  
20 Temperature-controlled meter PCS 1  
21 Intermediate relay PCS 10  

Lead acid battery positive grid die casting machine install requirement:

  1. Requirement: Ready 380V power, air pressure, cooling water, dust removal pipe. (Special power requirement should be point out when booking machine. Such as : In Peru, Machine will be adopt 220V,60HZ power.)

  2. Related equipment: One set mold, Cutting machine and hoist for exchange mold is shipped together with grid die casting machine

  3. Provide Mold release agency sample, can be used for one week.

  4. Flat cement ground is required.

More information and price of Type 700 Battery Positive Spine/Grid Pressure Die Casting Machine, Mould or Production line, please contact us:


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