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Sell full set parts of skin staplers

April 29, 2024

Where to buy a complete set of parts to assemble disposable skin staplers? What are the specific parts in the complete set? How to assemble these parts?

If you are a medical device purchaser or manufacturer, you would like to purchase a complete set of standard disposable skin suture accessories that are commonly used in the market at the most favorable price, without the need to invest in molds and have your brand.

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"Ensure medical quality, source manufacturer supplies complete sets of molds and accessories for disposable skin sutures, providing a stable and reliable accessory option for your medical devices."


We are the ORIGINAL Full Set of Disposable Skin Stapler Spare Parts Manufacturer & Supplier!



Three key questions of disposable skin staplers manufacturing:

Firstly, we need to address three issues regarding the procurement and production of disposable skin stapler parts: where to buy a complete set of parts? What are the specific parts in the complete set? How to assemble these parts?


1. Who can supply the full set of components of a disposable skin stapler?

We are the source factory of metal parts and injection molded parts for disposable skin sutures, with over 15 years of experience in providing molds and injection molding production for medical device manufacturers. We provide free samples for customers to assemble and test, and request samples:


2. What parts does the disposable surgical skin stapler contain?

The complete set of disposable shell skin staplers consists of ten parts: Plastic Shell - 1pcs; Plastic Firing handle - 1pcs; Plastic staples pushing plate - 1pcs; Plastic suture staple base - 1pcs; Spring - 1pcs; Spring plate - 1pcs; Suture nail base - 1pcs; Staples (nail) -35pcs. Of course, if you need skin staples remover, also please me know.

full set spare parts for the assembly of a skin stapler


3. How to assemble the accessories of a disposable skin stapler, is there a video of the assembly process?

Disposable surgical skin stapler assembly method and working process, please refer to the Youtube video for installation steps: (The video is for trial installation reference only.)



Introduction to Disposable Skin Stapler Spare Parts

Sell full set parts of skin staplers

Disposable skin stapler spare parts are the components necessary for the upkeep and repair of skin staplers. These parts include staple cartridges, staple housing assemblies, safety lock mechanisms, trigger mechanisms, and other essential components.

Now, our factory provide full set of plastic and metal parts for disposable skin staple (if clients need molds, we can make molds as per customers' design or samples).

After receiving the accessories, customers can assemble their own skin sutures, disinfect and sterilize them according to the domestic medical device production requirements, use their own brand and packaging, and then sell them on the market. So as to save mold costs, eliminate middlemen's price differences, and establish your own independent brands.


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Importance of Using Genuine Spare Parts

Using genuine spare parts is crucial for maintaining the effectiveness and safety of disposable skin staplers. Genuine parts are designed to meet the specific requirements and quality standards of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), ensuring compatibility and optimal performance.

disposable skin stapler parts supplier

This disposable surgical skin stapler comes with 35 staples. We will randomly select each component for assembly and check if the quality of each component is stable, in order to ensure that the quality of the accessories received by customers is excellent.


Components of Disposable Skin Stapler

Disposable skin staplers consist of several key components, each playing a vital role in the stapling process. Our disposable skin stapler consists of 10 pieces of spare parts, detailed as follows:


Sell full set parts of skin staplers


Sell full set parts of skin staplers


Sell full set parts of skin staplers


Sell full set parts of skin staplers


Sell full set parts of skin staplers


Sell full set parts of skin staplers


Sell full set parts of skin staplers


Sell full set parts of skin staplers


Sell full set parts of skin staplers


Sell full set parts of skin staplers


Material and Function of Every Spare Part In Skin Stapler


SHELL ABS As the handle of the entire skin stapler, it provides structure and installation space for the assembly of various parts.
As a trigger mechanism, it controls the firing of the staples, allowing precise placement and tension adjustment.
NAIL PUSHING PLATE ABS After each sewing action is triggered, the staples pushing plate will push the next staples into and maintain it within the working range.
SUTURE NAIL BASE PC Worked as the function of staples cartridge & housing, to hold and house the staples cartridge and provide support and alignment for the staples during deployment.

Used for bending and sewing, achieving the function of skin wound suturing.



Used to push the nail pushing plate, thereby pushing the saples forward.



Used to control the rebound of the firing handle.



After the suture staple is formed, separate it from the skin stapler.



Used for suturing wounds. Each skin stapler comes with 35 staples.



Working together with the staples to form metal parts, pressing and bending the staples to sew the wound.



Maintenance of Disposable Skin Stapler & Eery Spare Parts

This surgical skin stapler is disposable and does not require daily maintenance.


Benefits of Using Genuine Spare Parts

Using genuine spare parts offers several benefits, including:
1. Ensured compatibility and performance
2. Maintained warranty validity
3. Reduced risk of malfunction or injury


Risks of Using Non-Genuine Spare Parts

Using non-genuine spare parts may pose various risks, including:
1. Compromised performance and reliability
2. Potential damage to the stapler
3. Increased risk of patient injury or complications


Tips for Choosing the Right Spare Parts

When selecting spare parts for disposable skin staplers, consider the following tips:
1. Purchase from reputable suppliers or OEMs
2. Verify compatibility with the specific model of the stapler
3. Ensure the parts meet regulatory standards for safety and quality


Where to Source Genuine Disposable Skin Stapler Spare Parts?

As the source factory of medical device accessories, we have 15 years of experience in medical product mold making and injection molding. We provide year-round accessory production and product development services to various medical device manufacturers. All parts of this skin stapler are factory sourced accessories, and are the same type of accessory for various medical device manufacturers.

We can provide free samples and offer the best factory prices. Please contact us for sample requests:






Q1. What is a skin stapler used for?

A1. A skin stapler is used for closing wounds during surgery or in emergency medical situations.


Q2. Why do they use staples instead of stitches?

A2. Staples are often used instead of stitches for their speed and ease of application, particularly in areas with high tension or where precise alignment is difficult.


Q3. Are skin staplers reusable?

A3. Skin staplers can be disposable or reusable, depending on the type and manufacturer.


Q4. Does stapling a wound work?

A4. Stapling a wound can be effective for closing it quickly and securely, but it's important to ensure proper technique and follow-up care to prevent complications.