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Sell non-stick aluminum pan die casting machine

May 6, 2022


Die Casting Aluminum Cookware Making Machine is the Die Casting Machines used in the line of Kitchenware , Cooker, Kitchen Appliances. All those household/home appliances or their spare parts made by aluminum die casting.

aluminum non-stick baking tray by die casting

One Kitchen appliance and Cookwares manufacturer looking for die casting machines to produce aluminum sandwich maker baking tray and non-stick pan.

Cookware photos and enquiry dialogues are as follows:

Cookware factory: We are manufacturer of cookware products.Please suggest us machine for making sandwich maker baking tray and casseroles.

Die casting machine factory: Hello, Yes. Our machine can do it. Sandwich maker baking tray normally use 220-300T machine.

Cookware factory: Can cookwares also be made in this? Like frypan, saucepan

Die casting machine factory: Non-stick pan and saucepan need big machines.

Cookware factory: We are making pressed cookwares. Now considering die cast as trial version. Sandwich maker baking tray as a option. And we will take like 3-4 molds maybe or more for trying cookwares. For Sandwich tray, Just enough to grill two sandwich together. I don't have exact drawing. But I can get reference. Now I am looking to know estimated machine prices and production capacity. These Non-stick pans weight are like 700g to 800g. Cookwares parameters will be for 24cm ( 1.5kg) , 28 cm (1.8kg), 30cm (2.5kg) and 32cm (3kg) approximately.

Die casting machine factory: Our cookwares clients have same types, i will mail you photos and videos. And pls. send me Non-stick cookwares drawing to: When i got your drawings or detail parameters, our engineer will choose suitable machines and quote for die casting molds.

Youtube Aluminum die casting cookware video shows(the pan cast by our 550T die casting machine):

The usage of cookware die casting machine:

Aluminum Die Casting Kitchenware and Cooker example: Baking tray, Casserole, Saute Pan, Milk Pan, Fry Pan, Grill Pan, Wok, Pan Cake, Multi-Use Pan, Hamburger Maker etc.

The finished products Non-stick cookware inner coating with High quality PTFE, Nonstick granite/ granite etc materials to keep food sliding smoothly and cookware easy to clean.

die casting aluminum saucepan

Die casting machine for making sandwich maker baking tray:

--200T~300T die casting machines can be used to cast Aluminum plate of sandwich taster, and small Sandwich maker baking trays etc.

aluminum sandwich taster baking traysAluminum cookware

Aluminum Die casting machine for making Non-stick cookwares:

die cast aluminum frypan non-stick

Aluminum Non-stick frypan by die casting

Non-stick pan cookware by die casting

Non-stick pan cookware by die casting

Aluminum saucepan by die casting

Aluminum saucepan by die casting


Above Aluminum Cookwares are made by our LZ 500-800T die casting machine.

The die-casting process of aluminum cookware involves 5 main steps:

· Ready Mold as per designed cookware type

· Injection of the mold & molten metal

· Solid aluminum cookware rough part be eject out from die casting mold.

· Clean burr and flash, cut the injection runner.

· Trimming, polishing and machining

Follow above steps, all aluminum working process are finished. We can got a aluminum pan.

How to produce Non-stick cookware?

One the aluminum pan basis, PTFE, Nonstick granite/cranite etc materials be coat on the cookware inner surface. Assembly with holder as per design. A non-stick cookware are created.

More information about Die Casting Aluminum Cookware Making Machine Service & Price, Please email us:



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