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September 15, 2019

CNC machining works for Mold, Fixture, Prototype or other metal work pieces. Roughing machining and Final Machiningare the necessarily processes.

What is Roughing Machining?

Roughing machining: Cut-out more materials from original blocks, bars by cutting tool.

Machine tool (CNC lathe, CNC milling machine, CNC router etc) adopts maximum load. Normally, the largest cutting toolshould be selected, the largest feeding amount and fastest feeding speed be chosen. When use same cutting tool, the feed is inversely proportional to the cutter feeding amount.

Normally, the load of machine tools is not a problem. The principle of cutter selection is mainly based on whether the two-dimensional angle and three-dimensional arc of the product are too small. After choosing a good cutting tool, the length of the tool can be determined. The principle is that the length of the tool is larger than the machining depth. For large machining workpieces, the interference of the chuck should be considered.

CNC router rough machining

CNC router rough machining

What is Final Machining?

Final Machining: The purpose of final machining is to meet the surface finish requirements and appropriate allowance reserved.

The final machining should be chosen large cutter and adopt fast cutting speed. Because the fine machining needs a long time, and a suitable feeding amount and feeding speed should be used.

Final machined Turning Part

Final machined Turning Part

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