Neoprene Products Manufacturer KYLT

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Place of Origin: China Neoprene
Brand Name: KYLT Neoprene bags
Model Number: Neoprene material
Minimum Order Quantity: 100pcs
Packaging Details: carton and pallet
Delivery Time: 10-20days
Payment Terms: T/T
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Material: Neoprene Usage: Bag
Function: Water Proof

KYLT Neoprene products, The latest range of Neoprene Bags Made In China

- Neoprene is made from wetsuit material so its Lightweight and Waterproof .

Neoprene Products Manufacturer KYLT

KYLT Custom bags manufacturer - China Neoprene bags factory

(neoprene beach bags, lunch bags, laptop bag, bottle sleeve etc.)

Manufacture Neoprene products according to your design, pictures or video. Different type of bag products such as backpack, shoulder bag, travel bags etc. Free sample.


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1.Neoprene bottle holders/Bottle sleeve

Neoprene Products Manufacturer KYLT

2.Neoprene Cosmetic Bags

Neoprene Products Manufacturer KYLT

3.Neoprene Handbags

Neoprene Products Manufacturer KYLT

4.Neoprene Laptop Sleeve

neoprene laptop handbag

5.Neoprene Lunch Bags

neoprene lunch bags

6.Other Neoprene Products

neoprene product

7.Sports Products:




 Are neoprene bags good?

One of the best things about neoprene is its strength. This is one tough fabric. You can be sure it won't rip or wear away. It's also heat, chemical, oil and ozone resistant, which is just part of the reason why it's used so widely.

(From 2018-5-21 What is neoprene and why it makes a great bag | Base Supply › behind-the-bags › what-is-neopren)


What is a neoprene bag?

Bags made out of scuba material, a.k.a. neoprene. Besides getting me daydreaming about exotic beachfront locales, bags made from neoprene are often machine-washable, water-resistant, and stretchy enough to fit whatever you're trying to pack into them.

(From 2017-7-13I'm Obsessed With Neoprene Bags for the Beach, and You ...)


Why is neoprene good?

Neoprene has good resistance to chemicals, water, heat, flames, oxygen and ozone. It has more resistance against water, solvents and heat compared with natural rubber. The material is also good against weather and sunlight meaning that it ages well and does not need replacing too often.

(From 2017-10-23 News - What is Neoprene and why is it used so widely?)


Is neoprene water resistant?

Neoprene does not degrade as quickly as natural rubber, so it is used for gaskets or hoses. Neoprene also resists burning, so the material is used in weather stripping for fire doors or in gloves and face masks. Neoprene is most commonly used in scuba gear or wetsuits since it insulates so well and is waterproof.

(From Neoprene: What Is Neoprene Rubber? Is it Waterpoof? Is it Toxic?)


Is neoprene dangerous to wear?

Neoprene is mostly safe, as it's usually in the manufacturing of neoprene that harmful toxins can be released, and when the material is burned it can also release dangerous hydrogen chloride into the air. ... However, unless you are already allergic to neoprene, it's generally considered to be safe to wear for most people.

(From 2018-9-22 Is Neoprene Waterproof (and is it safe to wear)? | Resistance & Safety)



How long does neoprene last?

How long a wetsuit lasts depends largely on how well you take care of it, and the quality of the wetsuit in the first place. On average, a good wetsuit from a quality manufacturer should last anywhere from 4 years to 10 years or more, depending on heavily you use it.

(From 2017-8-21 How Long Should a Wetsuit Last | How long will my Wetsuit Last ...)



Are neoprene lunch bags insulated?

Better Insulation and Materials

Neoprene lunch box keeps food warm or cold for about 4 hours(depending on outside temp). If you put an ice pack in it, the durable lunch holder can keep food cold longer.

(From Neoprene Lunch Tote Washable Lunch Box Bag with ... -


Can you wash neoprene bags?

If your neoprene bag does get dirty, spot treat the area with mild soap and water. For bigger stains and grime, you can throw your bag in the washing machine. Wash on its own on a cold, delicate cycle. ... Be careful not to let your neoprene bag fold over as it dries to avoid creasing.

(From Care Advice | Washable Paper Bags | Neoprene Tote Bag - Base)


Does neoprene cause cancer?

Answer: The chemical name for neoprene is polychloroprene and is a polymer of chloroprene. Chloroprene is suspected of causing cancer, but that does not mean that its polymer causes cancer. The California warning is referring to the chloroprene in neoprene.

(From Customer Questions & Answers -


Is neoprene easy to clean?

Simply wash your neoprene item in cool water with mild detergent. Do not scrub, instead if there is a stain you're trying to get rid off, put some detergent on the area and let it soak for a bit. Avoid drying in direct sunlight, instead dry in shade.

(From 2016-10-1 How to Care & Wash your Neoprene Items – Peep Boutique)



Is neoprene safe on skin?

Is neoprene safe for skin contact? Sensitivity to neoprene is rare, but may become more common as more products such as splints and knee braces are made with it. Skin contact with neoprene may cause an allergic reaction resulting in allergic contact dermatitis or heat rash.

(From Neoprene (Polychloroprene) -


Does neoprene keep you warm in the winter?

So yes, you can say that neoprene can keep you warm in the winter. It is not a breathable fabric as it is made of rubber. That rubber acts like a barrier, think the wall of a house, between you and the cold. Some neoprene fabrics are rating to withstand -30 degree F temperatures.

From Is Neoprene Warm For Winter? (5mm vs 2mm vs Wool)


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