Aluminum Die Casting Machine

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: LZ
Certification: CE
Model Number: 200t,300,500t
Minimum Order Quantity: 1SET
Packaging Details: container
Delivery Time: 30-40DAYS
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 300SETS/YEAR
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Warranty: 1 Year Voltage: 220V/380V,3HP
Computerized: Yes After-sales Service Provided: Engineers Available To Service Machinery Overseas,Video Technical Support,Online Support,Free Spare Parts,Field Installation
Usage: Aluminum Auto Part, Brake Cable Wire

Aluminum die casting machine for the manufacturing of automotive parts, hardware, jewelry, electric/pneumatic tools parts, cooker/kitchen ware, lamp parts etc. Email:

Materials: Aluminum alloy
Tonnages: 160-2000T
Mold service: Yes, Free Samples allowed
Type: Horizontal Cold Chamber
PLC: PLC touch screen
Working period: 30-40days
Original: China

Aluminum die casting machine widely used to produce cast aluminum parts for applications in various end-user sectors, such as Household Electric Appliances, Kitchen appliances, automotive, agriculture machinery etc.

High pressure aluminum alloy die casting machine accounted for about 70% of the aluminum die casting machinery market share.

Bühler, Toshiba, Dynacast, Oskar , Idra Group are the world famous top five aluminium die casting machinery manufacturers.

Die Casting Machine manufacturer

Types of die casting machine:

Normally there are 2kinds die casting machines: Horizontal type, Vertical type

1. Horizontal die casting machine

Horizontal die casting machine has cold chamber and hot chamber version.

Aluminum pressure die casting machine is horizontal cold chamber type. For big scale and heavy weight zinc alloy die cast parts also use horizontal cold chamber die casting machine.

full automatic aluminum die casting machine

Horizontal hot chamber die casting machine is used to cast zinc, lead, tin alloy parts.

Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine

1. Vertical die casting machine

Vertical die casting machine most is to cast low melting point metal alloy, such as zinc, lead, tin alloys. The die cast parts features, which have insert parts to cast with alloy together. And Vertical die cast machine is easy for set insert parts in mold cavities.

Vertical Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine

Aluminum die casting machines Tonnages:

LZ die-casting machinery is one Horizontal cold chamber pressure die casting machine manufacturer from china. We have 150T, 160T, 200T, 280T, 300T, 350T, 400T, 550T, 700T, 800T, 1100T. 1300T, 2000T for sale.

Aluminum die casting machines usage:

Cold chamber Die Casting Machines suitable for Aluminum alloy, Zinc alloy, Magnesium alloy, Copper alloy and Lead alloy casting. All those metal alloys be cast with high pressure. Molten metal be forced into mold cavities through cold chamber by plunger.

Aluminum die casting process:

There are two kinds aluminum alloy die casting working process: Manual, Automatic.

1.Manual operation method:

Aluminum die casting machinery production line main consist two sections: horizontal cold chamber die-casting machine, aluminum melting furnace. With a die casting mould, the manual aluminum die casting process is established.

manual die casting machine operation process

Video of manual die casting method:

2.Automatic operation method:

Automatic aluminum die casting process consists: Aluminum melting furnace, Metal ladling machine, Aluminum die casting machine, Spraying machine, die casting parts pick-up machine.

Melting furnace heats by electric or gas, ladling machine ladles molten aluminum alloy from furnace to die casting machine cold chamber. Injection mechanism shot liquid aluminum alloy into mold cavities. Mold open, solid aluminum die cast parts be ejected out from mold cavities. Die casting parts pick-up machine take out the metal parts. Sprayer cools and lubricates the mold cavity.

Video of Aluminum automatic die casting working process:

full automatic die casting process of cold chamber die casting machine

Aluminum die casting machine price

Aluminum die casting machine price or cost depends on die casting manufacturers capital budget and demand. Small tonnage die casting machine and manual die casting process are cheap.

Aluminum die casting machine tonnages and specifications:

1. LZ150~268T Main specifications and parameters.

No. ITEM UNIT LZ150/160 LZ180 LZ200 LZ268
1 Clamping Force KN 1500/1600 1800 2000 2680
2 Inner space between tie bars
mm 440×440 480×480 490×490 540×540
3 Die Stroke mm 340 380 380 450
4 Die Thickness mm 200~550 200~550 200~550 250~650
5 Ejection Stroke mm 80 80 80 110
6 Ejection Force KN 100 110 110 150
7 Injeciton Force KN 110~190 105~230 105~236 133~280
8 Injection position
(center is "0",down is "-")
mm 0,-70,-140 0,-140 0,-140 0,-160
9 Dia. of shot sleeve mm 40,50,60 50,60,70 50,60,70 50,60,70
10 Dia.of Injection chamber flange mm 110 110f7 110f7 110f7
11 Over height of flange mm 10-0.05 10-0.05 10-0.05 12-0.05
12 Dosage of fluid metal pershot kg 1.8 2.5 2.5 3.2(Al). 2.3(Mg)
13 Projected area cm 105~550 171~666 172~660 196~800
14 Injection pressure Mpa 36~149 27.3~117 28~118 35~143
15 Dry cycle s 7 7 7 10
16 Oil tank capacity L 450 550 650 750
17 Motor power KW 11 11 15 18.5
18 Machine sizes
M 5.1×1.2×2.2 5.7×1.3×2.4 5.8×1.25×2.4 6.4×1.6×2.8

(Remark:The company keeps the right to revise above parameters, If there is any alterations, advance notice won't be given then.)

2. LZ300~550T Main specifications and parameters.

No. ITEM UNIT LZ300 LZ350 LZ400 LZ550
1 Clamping Force KN 3000 3500 4000 5500
2 Inner space between tie bars
mm 580×580 600×600 630×630 750×750
3 Die Stroke mm 450 560 580 580
4 Die Thickness mm 250~650 250~700 300~800 350~850
5 Ejection Stroke mm 110 145 145 150
6 Ejection Force KN 150 170 190 266
7 Injeciton Force KN 133~300 150~360 160~400 200~520
8 Injection position
(center is "0",down is "-")
mm 0,-160 0,-160 0,-175 0,-220
9 Dia. of shot sleeve mm 50,60,70 60,70,80 60,70,80 70,80,90
10 Dia.of Injection chamber flange mm 110f7 110f7 130 130f7
11 Over height of flange mm 12-0.05 12-0.05 15-0.05 15-0.05
12 Dosage of fluid metal pershot kg 3.2(Al.) 2.3(Mg.) 4.2(Al.) 3.0(Mg.) 5(Al.) 6(Al). 4.3(Mg)
13 Projected area cm 196~800 275~1167 283~1258 407~1749
14 Injection pressure Mpa 35~143 30~127 35~142 31.5~135
15 Dry cycle s 10 10 10 13
16 Oil tank capacity L 750 800 800 1100
17 Motor power KW 18.5 22 22 30
18 Machine sizes
M 6.4×1.6×2.8 6.8×1.7×2.8 7.5×1.9×3.0 8.0×2.0×3.8

(Remark:The company keeps the right to revise above parameters, If there is any alterations, advance notice won't be given then.)


3.LZ700~1300T Main specifications and parameters.

No. ITEM UNIT LZ700 LZ850 LZ1100 LZ1300
1 Clamping Force KN 7000 8500 11000 13000
2 Inner space between tie bars
mm 830×830 920×920 1030×1030 1100×1100
3 Die Stroke mm 820 900 950 850
4 Die Thickness mm 350~900 400~1000 450~1150 550~1200
5 Ejection Stroke mm 200 240 190 200
6 Ejection Force KN 316 400 500 570
7 Injeciton Force KN 235~680 280~750 900 440~1100
8 Injection position
(center is "0",down is "-")
mm 0,-250 0,-250 0,-150,-300 0,-320
9 Dia. of shot sleeve mm 80,60,100 80,60,100, 110,120 90,100,110,120,130 100,110,120, 130,140
10 Dia.of Injection chamber flange mm 165f7 180f7 240f7 130f7
11 Over height of flange mm 15-0.05 20-0.05 20-0.05 25-0.05
12 Dosage of fluid metal pershot kg 12.4(Al.) 16(Al.) 21.1(Al.) 26(Al).
13 Projected area cm 518~972 570~3400 711~3166 928.6~4545
14 Injection pressure Mpa 30~135.4 68~149 30~133.6 28.6~140
15 Dry cycle s 13 14 14 19
16 Oil tank capacity L 1200 1600 1600 2200
17 Motor power KW 37 45 30*2 37*2
18 Machine sizes
M 8.6×2×3.3 10.5×2.4×3.4 9.1×2.2×3.3 12×2.8×4.5

(Remark:The company keeps the right to revise above parameters, If there is any alterations, advance notice won't be given then.)

Aluminum Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine Catalog & Brochure download:

  1. PDF TYPE:

    LZ150~LZ2000 Aluminum Die Casting MachineLZ150LZ2000 cold chabmer die casting machine specifications and parameters.pdf

  2. JPG TYPE:

    LZ150~LZ550 Aluminum Die Casting MachineLZ150LZ550 cold chabmer die casting machine specifications and parameters.jpg

    LZ700~LZ2000 Aluminum Die Casting MachineLZ700LZ2000 cold chabmer die casting machine specifications and parameters.jpg

  3. More die casting machine catalog, images, photos or die casting videos, pls. email us:

  4. The information of die casting machine for sale and die casting machine price, pls. email us:

Aluminum die casting machine warranty and services:

1.Pre-sale Service

By providing customers with pre-sales services of investment budget, plant planning and other forms, customers' planningis reasonable, standardized and cost saving.

  • Investment budget die casting machine selection and auxiliary equipment matching and budget

  • Plant planning: provide installation size of equipment foundation, equipment layout, workshop ventilation, exhaust, watertransportation, wiring, lifting equipment design services.

  • Provide information of various casting auxiliary equipment.

    cold chamber die casting machine pre-sale service

    2.After-sale Service

  • Provide FREE standard spare parts together with machine.

  • Arrange engineers to your factory to install and adjust machines. Traning the worker to operate the machine.

  • Any questions be replied by email, video, photos within 24hr.

  • Our engineer can guide your operater to work and adjust machine by video on line.

  • Quality guarantee period: 12 months after machine put into operation.

  • If the equipment fails during the guarantee peirod, the manufacturer shall repair and replace accessories free of charge.

    (Photo shows LZ 1100 cold chamber pressure casting machine with after sale service: assembly and running test.)

    cold chamber pressure casting machine after sale service

    3.Used die casting machines

  • Used cold chamber die casting machines repairment (About used aluminum die casting machine price & cost for maintain, please contact with: )

  • Old high pressure die casting equipment improvement

    (Used Toshiba die casting machine have a complete overhaul in our factory. Photo show the injection molding structure of a used Toshiba aluminum die caster. )

    Toshiba used die casting machine maintain

(You can found cold chamber die casting machine, aluminum die cast machine, die casting machine working process in our factory. Or visit our die casting machine clients.)

Choose The Perfect aluminium casting machine, please send us your aluminum project drawings or samples. Our engineer will choose suitable machine types and provide suggestions for your item. Our service


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