PLC1600T Aluminum,CopperBrass,Magnesium,Zinc(zamak) Metal Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine

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Place of Origin: CHINA 1600T die casting machine
Brand Name: LZ 1600T die casting machine
Certification: GB standard die casting machine 1600t
Model Number: 1600T cold chamber die casting machine
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
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Packaging Details: by container
Delivery Time: 30-45days
Payment Terms: T/T, D/P, L/C
Supply Ability: 300sets
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1600t PLC Aluminum Die Casting Machine: Sell 1600t Aluminum Alloy Die Casting Machine With PLC 1600t Copper/brass Injection Machine With PLC: PLC 1600t Magnesium Die Casting Machine Price
1600t PLC Zinc/zamak Die Casting Machine: 1600t Alu Pressure Die Casting Machine With PLC

PLC 1600T High Speed High Pressure Aluminum, Copper/brass, Magnesium, Zinc(zamak)Metal Alloy Horizontal Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine

What is PLC 1600T High Pressure Die Casting Machine used for?

-PLC 1600T high pressure die casting machine normally used to cast large aluminum alloy parts which dosage of per inject can be reach (Alu.)17.8/21.2/24.8/28.8/33.1KG. 

-PLC 1600T high pressure die casting machine suitable for produce: Aluminum, Copper/brass, Magnesium, Zinc(Zamak) alloy parts of Automotive, motorcycle, filter, power tool, pneumatic tool, Electric power fittings , Door Closer, lamps and lanterns, explosion-proof products, pneumatic components, motor,  diesel engine, gas oil machine, water pump, water heating equipments, desk & chair foots and arms, telecommunication,weapen etc  military industrial and domestic lines.


PLC 1600T High Pressure Die Casting Machine Features:

1. Electrical System: adopts Mistsubishi, Omron or Schneider PLC control unit; casting parameters be adjusted from touch screen easily, which guarantee our 1600t high pressure horizontal cold chamber die casting working with stable, fast, safe and operation more reliable and precision.

2. Pressure & Speed Control: 1600T horizontal cold chamber die casting machine adopt Rexroth or Yuken proportional pressure valves and proportional direction valves, which have the functions of multi-stage pressure / speed control and mould clamping protect in low pressure.

3. Mould Platens: adopt High-quality nodular cast iron for mould platens which analysed and calibrated by finite-element method (FEM). All mould platens have features: reasonable pressure distribution, small deformation, high precison mould clamping. Whole 1600T die casting machine mould platens also showed: high rigidity, good abrasive resistance.

4. Hydraulic Oil Pump: imported famous brand duplex vane pump with high-performance and low-noice be used in 1600T PLC horizontal high pressure die casting machine.

5. Injection System: adopt independent accumulators, quick-injection and pressurize use newly developted rapid response throttle valves which increased the acceleration performance of quick-injection greatly, shorten the switching time of high-speed and pressurize. It is the symbol of advantageous injection performance of modern high quality PLC 1600T Horizontal High Pressure Aluminum, Copper/brass, Magnesium, Zinc(zamak) Metal Alloy Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine.

6. Lubrication System: adopt self-check joints, any blocks in oil passages can be respond fastly and easily. Underpressure protection system avoid the toggle parts of PLC 1600T die casting machine damagned from oil starvation, extend the die casting machine using time.

7. Precison Die Casting Machine Parts: all parts of 1600T die casting machine use CNC machining to guarantee precision.

8. Cold Assembly Processes: axle sleeves of 1600T PLC die casting machine adopts cooling assembly method to avoid parts deformation in assembling which keep the whole precision of high pressure die casting machine.

9. Tie bars: High strength alloy steel tie bars, surface with hard chromium plating to insure the die casting machine mould platens moving more stable, tie bars more wearable.

Top 10 Reasons to get PLC 1600T High Pressure Horizontal Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine:


1.Operation Panel language: English, Chinese (or as per client's demand)
2.PLC control: Mistsubishi, Omron,Schneider famous brand PLC can be chosen
3.Screen: TouchWin etc
4.Hydraulic pump: HYTEK etc
5.Valves: Rexroth, Yuken,HYTEK etc
6.Cooler: Longteng etc
7.Lubricate system: Liubian etc
8.Contactor: Schneider etc
9.Sealing system: Fischer etc
10.Hydraulic hose: AEROQUIP etc
(If needed, We should list all famous brand elements as per clien's requirements in contract. )

Detail Parameters for 1600T PLC Aluminum,Copper/brass,Magnesium,Zinc(zamak) Metal cold chamber die casting machine:

1600T PLC
Aluminum, Copper/brass, Magnesium, Zinc(Zamak), Lead(Pb.) Metal High Pressure Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine with high pressure and speed
Die locking force
Inner space between tie bars (H*V)
Bars dia.
Die thickness
Die stroke
Ejection stroke
Ejection force
Injection force
(with intensification)
Inject stroke
Shot sleeve dia.
Dosage of fluid metal per inject (Alu.)
Casting pressure
(with intensification)
Projection area of casting
Max casting area
Injection position
Over height of flange
Dia. of shot sleeve flange
Plunger penetration
Dry cycle
Working pressure of pipes
Motor power
Oil tank capacity
Machine weight
Machine dimensions


Die(mould) Platens / Die Fitting Diagram / Mounting Base Drawing of 1600T PLC Aluminum, Copper/brass, Magnesium, Zinc(zamak) Metal cold chamber die casting machine:

1600T PLC High Speed High Pressure Aluminum, Copperbrass, Magnesium, Zinc(zamak), Lead(Pb.) Metal Alloy  Die Casting Machine die platen drawing die fitting drawing mounting foundation base drawing

High Speed High Pressure PLC Aluminum, Copper/brass, Magnesium, Zinc(zamak), Lead(Pb.) Metal Alloy Horizontal Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine Tonnage list:

150T, 160T, 180T, 220T, 280T, 300T, 350T, 400T, 550T, 700T, 850T, 1100T, 1300T, 1600T, 2000T

Other names of cold chamber die casting machine:

aluminum zinc zamak alloy pressure die casting machine, aluminum zinc zamak pressure injection machine, magnesium alloy die casting machine, copper brass pressure die casting machine


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