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November 14, 2019

Electrolytic burrs cleaning method is suitable for non-ferrous and ferrous metal parts. Especially for parts with complex shapes, inner holes, cross holes and inner surface burrs that are difficult to remove by mechanical and manual methods. And can remove the burrs of extremely hard parts such as molybdenum, nickel, titanium and quenched parts.


Working principle of Electrolytic burrs cleaning method

This is to use electric and chemical energy to dissolve the anode and remove the burr. The positive side of the part and the DC power supply is the anode, and the negative side of the forming tool and the DC power supply is the cathode. There is a certain gap between the two sides to let the electrolyte circulate.

When the anode and the cathode are immersed in the solution and connected to the direct current, the electrochemical reaction occurs on the anode surface, the metal dissolved on the part surface forms viscous liquid with the electrolyte, which is concentrated in the low concave part of the part surface, with high resistance and small corrosion. While the burr protrudes from the part surface, under the influence of the temperature difference, the liquid film is difficult to form, and the power line is highly concentrated in the burr part after the power is connected The burr closest to the cathode will be dissolved at the fastest speed until all the burr is dissolved and the edge will gradually form a fillet, that is to achieve the purpose of deburring.

Aluminum Die Casting Radiator
Aluminum Die Casting Radiator

Electrolytic deburring machine can be used.

When the production batch is not large, the rectifier AC can be changed into DC to make simple equipment. According to the structure of the parts, special clamps (tool cathodes) similar to the shape of the parts are made of brass or copper and other conductive materials, and the unprocessed parts are coated with epoxy resin for isolation protection. The common electrolytes are NaCl, NaNO2 and NaNO3 solutions.

CNC milled workpiece
CNC milled workpiece

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