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Double embossing welding machine for transformer corrugated fin wall

September 9, 2019

In transformer radiator manufacturing process,  two stiffer Corrugated fin wall is DOUBLE EMBOSSING CORRUGATED FIN WALL.

Double embossing corrugated fin wall be welded

Double embossing corrugated fin wall be welded

JTFY-2 X 50 Special Automatic Double Spot (Embossing) Welding Machine for Corrugated Fin Wall Transformer Tank

Overview of Double Spot (Embossing) Welding Machine :

BWN-2 x 50 Automatic Double Spot (Double embossing) welding machine for transformer corrugated fin wall is a special equipment specially used for spot welding of reinforcing ribs of corrugated tank.

Main technical parameters of Double Spot (Embossing) Welding Machine.

Input power supply: three-phase AC380V + 10%

Frequency: 50Hz

Welder power capacity: 100KVA

Control box power supply capacity: three-phase 380V, 8KW

Welding rated primary current: 160A

Secondary no-load voltage: 7.2V

Load duration: 50%

Pressure of gas source system: greater than 0.4 Mpa

Cooling water flow and pressure: 30L/min 0.2Mpa

Maximum thickness of welded workpiece: 1.5 + 1.5mm

Welding workpiece height: 100mm-400mm

Welding workpiece length: 300mm-1300mm

Welding machine shape size: 4500x2400x2300mm

Composition of Double Spot (Embossing) welding machine:

The machine is composed of frame, beam column and XYZ three-axis motion control system. The X-axis is divided into about XA and XB axes for servo motor, and Z-axis is divided into about ZA and ZB axes for servo motor. The machine is digitally controlled by PLC. The Y-axis is a chain drive for the workpiece of undercarriage and the power is a variable frequency motor.

Automatic Double Spot (Embossing) welding machine Manufacturing Cycle and Price

  1. Production cycle: 45 days.
  2. Price: as per corrugated fin wall structure and requirements.

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