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How to produce transformer oil tank corrugated fin

January 10, 2019

Transformer oil tank corrugated fins are metal working parts,which special used to cool the Oil-immersedTransformer.

JTFY transformer oil tank corrugated fin production line involve: Steel coil feeding machine,corrugated fin forming machine, corrugated fin welding machine, corrugated fin leak test machine

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2-2, BWJ-400×1300 Column corrugated fin forming machine main structure, function, etc.
1) Model and name: BWD-400×1300 Column corrugated fin forming machine
2) Standard configuration: PLC touch screen Fullauto control and manual control.
PLC and touch screen brand: MITSUBISHI / OMRON / DELTA
Relays, switch power and air-switch brand: SCHNEIDER
Servo motor brand: XINJIE
Proximity switch, Sensors brand: AUTONICS / OMRON
3) Hydraulic part: Motor Power 18.5KW, pressure adjustable. The effective total flow is higher than 100L/min.
4) The mechanical structure of forming machine involve: guiding structure, hydraulic forming, hydraulic shearing etc. Whole machine design structure is reasonable, easy for operating, adjusting and maintenance.Machine body adopts frame-box structure, movable die, column and other parts are all used ductile iron castings(STANDARD GB QT500), with anti-angular distortion and partial loading performance, and at the same time, it has related strength, rigidity and precision.
5) Guide rail of main moving direction (front and back) in hydraulic forming components adopts quenching anti-wear steel rail, up and down moving plate adopts casting iron guide, connecting smoothly, high guiding precision, sensitive movement, low noise, long using life and other characteristics.
6) Shearing structure is herringbone blade, stable shearing. Fin head and end length can be set, shearing automatically.
7) Material feeding adopts XINJIE servo motor with high precision planetary speed reducer and tested by encoder, so feeding precision is higher.
8) Material unrolling shelf adopts automatic mandrel core expanding structure, it can make roll tightly and fix the core. Suitable for internal diameter of 520mm(MAX.), roll width 1300mm, can load 10 tons.
9) Equipment has safe device with emergency stop button in many places. Different place can be stopped in urgently, and have overloading protection.

2-3, BWD-400×1300 Transformer oil tank corrugated fin forming machine main technology parameters

1, Raw material requirement:
Material: SPCC cold rolling steel plate
Steel plate thickness: 1-1.5mm
Steel plate width: 300-1300mm

2, Forming technology requirement:
Corrugated fin length: 300-2000mm
Corrugated fin width: 300-1300mm
Corrugated fin height: 50-400mm
Corrugated fin pitch: 45-55mm

3, corrugated fin technology requirement:
Corrugated fin straight, arranged neatly, full cavity, clear indentation.
The straight error is 4% smaller of corrugated fin height between corrugated fin and basic surface.
Average pitch error of corrugated pitch: ±0.25mm.
Forming speed: 6-7 corrugation/2 min.

4, Forming machine parameters:
Input voltage: 380V
Oil pump power: 18.5KW
Hydraulic adjusting range: 2-20 Mpa

5, Forming machine weight: 8.2tons

6, Machine sizes(LWH):4600*2250*2650mm


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