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How to solve the problem of Lead Bushing Mold Water Leakage (Turkey)

January 10, 2019

When our Turkey lead acid battery client start used our PB bushing die casting machine , they found the lead bushing mold has the problem of water leakage.

Here is the original email statement for this problem:

"We just started to use machine. However we find out a problem with the moulds. My collegues reporting that there is water leakage at the side of moulds. Mr. Akin who is in charge of maintanence department will be send the photos regarding this problem but we want to check is it something normal during the process or what can be done to eliminate this problem?"


How to solve the problem of Lead Bushing Mold Water Leakage (Turkey)How to solve the problem of Lead Bushing Mold Water Leakage (Turkey)

Above read marked area is the water leakage position.

This is the first time we met the problem!

Why the lead bushing injection mold has the water leakage problem?

---first, we should consider the mold structure. Water is leak from the mold core and mold frame slot. That means the problems:1. the cooling water runner damaged cause the leakage; 2.the connector of cooling water tubes have problems.

--second, this mold cooling runner is set in mold core directly. it is impossible the runner be damaged, only one reason , the water connectors are damaged or loose.


How to solve the water leakage problem?

After checking , we noticed the water is leaking from one side, and compair 2 water connectors, found the leakage side is longer, that means say the connector is loose or damaged.

PB bushing mold solve the water leakage problem.jpeg


Use the PTFE TAPE on the cooling water connectors screw and fix them tightly on the holes, to solve the problem of water leakage.

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