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KYLT Zamak Metal Jewelry Making machine

May 2, 2016

KYLT Zamak Metal Jewelry Making machine

Bracelets, bangles, rings, pendants, necklaces, earrings, brooch, hair accessories etc. beautiful jewelries and fashion costume jewelries are very popular in market and welcomed by women.

jewelry injection machine*What is the jewelry's raw material? 

*Do you know how those beautiful jewelries are made?


*What is the jewelry's raw material? 

-Maybe someone think they are copper, gold, and silver.

Yes, they are right, but most jewelry is made of zinc alloy.

Then, do golden, silver plating.

*How those jewelries are made?

-They are being casted to required shapes.

Some is by low pressure casting method; some is by high pressure casting method.

--Low pressure casting method is use spin cast mold, and pour melted zinc alloy to mold(mold fixed rotating machine) then got required parts, normally used in making samples or small order, cost is low.

--High pressure casting method is use steel mold cast by die casting machine, for mass production, cost is higher than spin cast.

-Next step is grinding and trimming

-Then do polishing and plating


For small jewelry use 12T or 20T zinc injection machine is enough, for some big part such as label ,logo etc can use 22T or 30T hot chamber injection machine.


Of course, if you just have jewelry samples or photos we can help you to choose suitable machine and making molds. Email:



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