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Lead Acid battery Puente Industrial PB logo Hot Chamber Injection Machine

May 2, 2016

Lead Acid battery Puente Industrial PB logo making machine

Puente Industrial PB logo weight: 250g/pcs, One mold 2pcs.

Puente Industrial PB logo

Lead acid battery terminal injection mold consist: 1pcs negativo + 1pcs positivo

Lead Acid battery Puente Industrial PB logo Hot Chamber Injection Machine

KYLT Vertical PB bushing terminal die casting machine, Horizontal Lead Terminal Bushing Injection machine are used to cast all kinds of Busthings,Terminals and other small lead acid battery PB parts.

vertical lead acid battery bushing terminal making machineFull auto PLC hot chamber die casting  machine.jpg

--Horizontal Lead acid battery PB bushing terminal making machine can reach full automatic operation, one worker can operate 5-10set machine together. The production speed is fast one minute can have 7-13time injection.

Lead acid battery PB bushing terminal.jpg

--Vertical Lead acid battery PB terminal die casting machine is operated by Semi-auto, mornally used to cast terminal with bolt. The advantage is set bolts in mold cavities visible, reduce the risk of bolt damage mold.

GC1 Lead acid BATTERY PB Alloy terminal.jpg 

Vertical machine is a little slow, one minutes can have 5-7times injection. 


Our machines not suitable to produce big lead acid battery plate. 


All Vertical Horizontal lead acid battery die casting machine use PLC control, we provide operation videos, all questions will be replied within 24hours.


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