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Lead (PB alloy) Die Casting Machine

April 21, 2022

Lead/PB Alloy Die Casting Machine types cold chamber, hot chamber horizontal & vertical machine. Small tonnage cold chamber used to produce big lead alloy parts, Horizontal Hot chamber machine can produce lead/Pb weight part, lead acid battery terminal or bushing, lead sealant etc. Vertical machine to produce fishing sinker/hook/bait/Luya etc. Email:


Lead PB alloy Die Casting Machine use to produce Pb alloy parts for machinery, fishing tackle, lead acid battery, Wheel balance weight etc.

Lead PB metal alloy die casting machinery inject liquid lead alloy to die casting die with high pressure. With this character, this casting machinery also named: high pressure lead injection machine, lead alloy pressure die casting machine, pressure lead injection machine etc.

Types of Lead PB die casting machine:

Lead heavy parts for machinery, which as weight parts to keep machine stable. Use cold chamber die casting machine 150T, 200T.

Small PB weight part, wheel balance weight use 20T Horizontal lead die casting machine.

Pb lead alloy heavy weight part die casting machine

Fishing sinker, fishing bait, fishing hook, fishing Luya use 20T Vertical lead die casting machine.

vertical lead alloy die casting machine for fishing bait

Lead acid battery terminal, bushing, connector etc parts also be cast by our 20T horizontal or vertical machine. Differnt battery terminal or bushing structure choose different machine type.

Lead acid battery terminal bushing die casting machines

What is lead PB alloy die casting?

Lead alloy die casting process is forcing molten lead alloy through die casting machine cold chamber or hot chamber into pressure die/mould cavities to produce Lead PB die casting parts.

Lead die casting process involves 3key parts: lead alloy die casting machine, PB metal alloy melting furnace, lead die casting mould (lead PB pressure die).

More information about Lead PB alloy die casting machine, fishing metal parts making machine, lead acid battery terminal bushing machine Prices and Service, Please email us:


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