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November 6, 2019

This article introduced some machined parts burr cleaning methods.

Electrolytic deburring

This is to use electric and chemical energy to dissolve the anode and remove the burr. The positive side of the part and the DC power supply is the anode, and the negative side of the forming tool and the DC power supply is the cathode. There is a certain gap between the two sides to let the electrolyte circulate.

Chemical deburring

Put the cleaned metal parts into the chemical solution (50 ℃), and the metal on the surface of the parts will be transferred into the solution in the form of ions. These ions gather on the surface of the machined workpiece and form a layer of viscous film with large resistance and small conductivity through chemical reaction to protect the surface of the workpiece from corrosion, while the burr protrudes out of the surface, and the chemical action will remove the burr.

High temperature deburring

First place the parts to be deburred in the tight sealing chamber, and then send the mixture of hydrogen and oxygen with a certain pressure. After the spark plug ignites, the mixture will explode instantaneously, releasing a large amount of heat, and the instantaneous temperature is as high as 3300 ℃.

Deburring by rolling

A certain proportion of workpieces and abrasives are put into the closed cylinder. During the rotation of the cylinder, grinding occurs between parts and abrasives, and between parts to remove burrs. Zinc die casting parts always use this method to clean burr.

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