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October 23, 2019

Measures to improve the surface quality of machined parts

Improve operator skills

The operator must master the technology of tool fixing and tool setting. Tool fixing and tool setting is an important and very difficult basic work in CNC machining. The good and bad of tool loading and tool setting will directly affect the programming of machining program and the dimensional accuracy of machining parts. Only mastering the technology of tool setting and tool setting can guarantee the machining quality. The tool setting is generally divided into manual tool setting and automatic tool setting. At present, the vast majority of CNC machine tools use manual tool setting, and the commonly used tool setting method is trial cutting. It can get more accurate and reliable results.

KYLT Stainless steel cnc turning service
KYLT Stainless steel cnc turning service

The simulation system of CNC lathe is used to check the program: after the program is input in the machine panel, the program must be simulated first. So that the processing program can simulate the processing and display the processing track on the CRT, to see whether the movement of the machine tool (cutter) and the shape of the simulated workpiece are correct. Through program simulation, we can check whether the program is correct and reasonable, avoid accidents caused by program errors, so as to reduce the loss of equipment and tools, ensure personal safety, and ensure the processing quality.

Measures to reduce the machined parts surface roughness value

Reasonable choice of cutting parameters: properly reduce the feed basin, select a reasonable cutting speed and depth, can reduce the machining parts surface roughness value.

The surface roughness can be reduced by selecting appropriate tool materials and geometric parameters: using advanced tool materials, increasing the inclination of the cutting edge, reducing the main and secondary deflection angles of the tool, and increasing the radius of the tip arc.

Aluminum CNC machined part services
Aluminum CNC machined part services

To improve the machinability of materials, the surface with very fine surface roughness can be obtained by using heat treatment normalizing or annealing process to refine grains.

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