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Preparation of Oil filled Distribution Transformer Installation

April 21, 2019

Oil filled Distribution transformer is an important component of substation.

Oil-immersed transformer is usually installed in a separate transformer room. Depending on oil as cooling medium, such as oil immersion self-cooling, oil immersion air-cooling, oil immersion water-cooling and forced oil circulation, etc.

Generally, the main transformers of booster stations are oil-immersed transformers with a conversion ratio of 20KV/500KV or 20KV/220KV.

Normally, the transformers used in power plants to drive their own loads (such as coal mills, induced draft fans, draft fans, circulating water pumps, etc.) are also oil-immersed transformers with a conversion ratio of 20KV/6KV. Oil-immersed transformer adopts full oil-filled sealed type. Corrugated tank shell is a permanently sealed tank which adapts to oil expansion with its own elasticity. Oil-immersed transformer has been widely used in various distribution equipment.

oil filled transformer

oil filled transformer

Oil filled Distribution Transformer Installation preparation works:

1. Work hours:

(according to the national quota standard) The comprehensive man-hour required for body installation is 21 man-days. Work contents include: open box inspection, body positioning, body inspection, casing, oil pillow and radiator cleaning, oil column experiment, accessories installation, pad and wheel stopper production and installation, supplementary column and integral sealing test after installation, grounding, repairing paint and so on. Whether the transformer needs drying in the installation process, check and determine after judgment, need drying, iron loss drying method after drying needs 20 days, oil filtration needs 3.38 days/ton. The working days required for commissioning shall be calculated separately.

2. Installation site layout:

Power transformer overhaul and assembly work is best carried out in the overhaul room. If there is no overhaul room, it is necessary to choose temporary installation place. It is better to choose near the transformer’s base, so that the transformer can be installed on the base, and tents should be installed on the outdoor site. Temporary installation sites must be easy to transport, flat roads, adequate width, solid ground, flat and dry, away from smoke windows and water towers, and away from nearby buildings to meet fire protection requirements.

3. Safety measures:

(1) To prevent accidents such as electric shock and fall.

(2) Preventing insulation from overheating.

(3) Preventing fire.

(4) Prevent something from falling into the tank.

(5) Prevent accessory damage.

(6) Prevent transformer from overturning.

4. Technical measures:

(1) Prevent transformer core from damp.

(2) How to ensure the good contact between the connections.

(3) All parts should be well sealed without oil leakage.

(4) How to ensure transformer insulation and oil insulation?

5. Procedures for Oil filled Distribution Transformer installation:

(1) Preparations (tools, materials, equipment, drawings)

(2) Insulation inspection and judgment (mainly coils and cores)

(3) Inspection of attachments (should be complete and intact)

(4) Inspection of suspension core (to prevent moisture absorption and falling of tools and parts into oil tank)

(5) Installation of accessories (appearance inspection, insulation measurement and rigorous test)

(6) Ending Work

(7) Handover test

(8) Trial run

6. Division of labor:

(1) General Installation Commander and Technical Leader

(2) Safety Officer

(3) Oil filter group

(4) Lifting and transporting personnel

(5) Tester

(6) Installation worker.

7. Requirements for Oil filled Distribution transformer rooms:

(1) First-class fire prevention

(2) Good ventilation

(3) Safety distance should be sufficient.

(4) Foundation platform should be reliable

(5) Lifting facilities should be in good condition.

8. Tool material preparation:

(1) Installation equipment (such as vacuum pump, oil pump, oil tank, compressed air machine, oil filter, welding machine, street lamp transformer, valves, various wrenches, etc.)

(2) Testing instruments (such as shaker, dielectric loss angle tester, boost transformer, voltage regulator, ammeter, voltmeter, power meter, thermometer, etc.)

(3) Cranes (such as cranes, hangers, suspension beams, hoists, wire ropes, pulleys, chain cranes, etc.)

(4) Insulating materials (such as insulating oil, cardboard, tape, electric board insulating paint, etc.)

(5) Sealing materials (such as right-resistant rubber liner, asbestos rope, steel bottom, shellac paint, nylon rope, etc.)

(6) Bonding materials (e.g. epoxy resin glue, glue, cement, mortar, etc.)

(7) Cleaning materials (such as white cloth, alcohol, gasoline, etc.)

(8) Other materials (such as asbestos board, square wood, wire, steel pipe, oil filter paper, Vaseline oil, enamel paint, etc.)

9.Oil filled Distribution Transformer external inspection:

(1) Content without mechanical injury

(2) Bolts of box cover are in good condition.

(3) The gasket is well sealed.

(4) No defect on casing surface

(5) No oil leakage and oil leakage

(6) No rust and complete paint

(7) All accessories are in good condition.

(8) Wheel spacing of roller is in accordance with the temperature of rail spacing of foundation rails.

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