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Reasons and Solutions for Transformer Tank Painting Problems

April 11, 2019

In Transformer tank painting works, we will have the problems,such as:pin-holes,bubbling,orange skin,cracking etc. Today, we will analysis the defect reasons and how to solve the problems.

Painting Sticky of Transformer Tank

1. Phenomenon:

After drying, some or all of the adhesive marks occur on the coated transformer tank surface.

2. Reasons:

(1) Too much slow-drying solvent is added to the paint, the solvent can not volatilize;

(2) insufficient or no curing agent is added;

(3) the oil tank coating surface is polluted;

(4) the climate changes sharply during painting processes, painting in rainy season and high humidity;

(5) the coating is too thick, the interval between layers is insufficient, the paint film is not dry.

3. Countermeasure:

(1) Choose appropriate dry solvent, and do not excessively add;

(2) add curing agent in proportion;

(3) keep the coated surface free from pollution;

(4) ensure good ventilation during construction in adverse climate;

(5) coat the upper layer after the lower layer is fully dried, and then pack the transformer tank after drying.

Transformer Tank Paint Film Rough

1. Phenomenon: Coatings are painted on the surface of transformer tank. There are many particles in the coating film. The particles are like prickly protrusions. They feel rough and not smooth.

2. Reasons:

(1) There are dust, sand and other impurities mixed into the paint.

(2) When the paint is mixed, the bubbles produced will be constructed before they are dispersed in the paint solution. Especially in cold weather, bubbles can not be dispersed easily, which makes the surface of the paint film rough after drying.

(3) The construction environment is dirty, with dust, sand particles falling into the paint, or brushes and other brushing tools sticking to debris.

(4) Unqualified grass-roots treatment, non-smooth polishing, dust, sand particles have not been cleaned.

3. Countermeasure:

(1) Before brushing, the prepared coatings must be filtered by filter cloth to remove impurities.

(2) After the paint is mixed, it should be kept for 15-20 minutes, and then used after the bubbles disperse.

(3) Windy weather or dusty places are not suitable for construction. The paint that has just been brushed should be dust-proof.

(4) Transformer tank has rough coated surface, can be sanded smooth, and then paint again.

Transformer Tank Paint has Pinholes

1. Phenomenon: A kind of hollow and bottom-penetrating pinpoint pore phenomenon on the transformer tank surface of paint film. This needle-like hole is like a needle-punched hole with a diameter of about 100 microns.

2. Reasons:

(1) the surface of the steel sheet is not well treated. Normally, before transformer tank welding, we will do shot blasting treatment for all spare parts. Such as Corrugated fins wall, Radiator etc.

(2) the painted bottom is not completely dry, so the second time of painting is needed.

(3) Paint prepared has not been stationary for a period of time, paint viscosity is high, bubbles have not been eliminated.

(4) One-time Painted too thick.

(5) incorrect matching of curing agent and diluent

(6)excessive addition of curing agent

(7) high ambient temperature and humidity

(8) high moisture content of transformer tank surface

3. Solutions:

(1) keep the transformer tank surface flat not damaged and dust proof

(2) During painting process, the time interval for re-painting should be sufficient, and the second time should be done after the lower layer is fully dried

(3) Paint should be stationary for a period of time, so that air bubbles can be completely eliminated before painting

(4) Viscosity of paint should be suitable, not too thick

(5) One-time painting should not be too thick

(6) Use specified curing agent and diluent to construct according to specified proportion.

(7) Do not painting at high temperature and humidity.

(8) Before painting, the transformer tank surface should be dried and clean.

Transformer Tank Paint has Blisters

1. Phenomenon: After the transformer tank paint film dries, round bubbles of varying sizes appear, also known as bubbles. Foaming occurs between the transformer oil tank surface and the paint film.

2. Reasons:

(1) Unqualified treatment of base material,such as transformer tank surface not be dried

(2) Transformer Tank surface oil or water is not completely dried or the underlying coatings are not dry before finishing the surface coatings

(3) The welding joints and area have holes

(4) The paint viscosity is too high

(5) Inappropriate proportion of paint

(6) in painting works, the bubbles produced are not eliminated

(7) The Transformer tank surface is covered with oil, dust, blisters and so on, which are surrounded by water

(8) There is water in the compressor and air pipe, or water splashes on the construction surface. (9) Most of the reasons are the same as pinhole.

3. Countermeasures:

(1) Transformer tank surface should be dried to a suitable moisture content to remove oil

(2) Oil Tank should be fully dried and then coated

(3) Welding joints of transformer tank should be polished and smoothed, and then painted

(4)The viscosity of the paint should be appropriate

(5) painting smooth and equally on the transformer tanks spare parts surface

(7) Water in compressor is discharged regularly and oil-water separator is added

(8) Countermeasure of reference pinhole

(9) For slight air bubbles, the paint film can be dried through, polished with sandpaper, and then repaired. For serious bubbles, first pick out the bubbles, grind them carefully with sandpaper and clean them up, then repair them layer by layer according to the painting process.

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