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Sale Aluminum Kitchenware Household Appliance Die Casting Machine

April 25, 2022

Aluminum Kitchenware Household Appliance Parts Die Casting Machine to manufacture Aluminum Kitchenware, Household Appliance parts, Cookware, Electric Iron Sole Plate, Washing machine aluminum parts. Email:
Type: Horizontal Cold Chamber
Control: PLC
Working period: 30-40days
Original: China
Shipping Port: Shanghai
Service: Operation manual,Operation videos,24hrs reply
Mold service: Free mold test samples

Aluminum Kitchenware Household Appliance Die Casting Machines used in the line of Kitchenware , Cooker, Kitchen Appliances. All those household/home appliances or their spare parts made by aluminum die casting.

Die casting Kitchenware and Cooker example: Baking tray, Casserole, Saute Pan, Milk Pan, Fry Pan, Grill Pan, Wok, Pan Cake, Multi-Use Pan, Hamburger Maker etc. (Non-stick cookware inner coating with High quality PTFE, Nonstick granite/ granite etc materials to keep food sliding smoothly and cookware easy to clean.)

Die casting Home appliances parts example:Sandwich Taster Heating Plate, Electric Iron Sole Plate, Washing machine pulley, Washing machine Drum Spider/Bracket/Support/Holder etc.

aluminum kitchenware household parts die castingmachine

With the features of lightweight, cheap, scratch resistance and so on, Aluminum die casting cookwares are very popular now.

Aluminum Kitchenware Household Appliance Die Casting Machine usage and application:

220T,280T,300T, Horizontal Cold Chamber Die Casting Machines:

--Used to cast electric iron soleplate(steam electric iron soleplate is allowed)

Aluminum metal Electric iron sole plate making machine die casting process:

By LZ 220T electric iron soleplate die casting machine, with steam electric iron soleplate die casting mold/die. Manual aluminum electric iron soleplate making process:

  1. set electric tube part in mold cavities

  2. ladle molten aluminum alloy into cold chamber of die cast machine

  3. inject aluminum alloy into mold cavities

  4. got casted aluminum iron soleplate

  5. For small iron soleplate, one mold can produce 2pcs soleplates; For big steam electric iron soleplate, one mold produce 1pcs soleplate only.

More information about Aluminum electric sole plate making machine, mold and working details, email us:

Detail electric iron sole plate die casting machine Youtube video:


Steam electric iron sole plate making machine working process Youtube video:

Aluminum electric iron soleplate by LZ 220T die cast machine

--can be used to cast Aluminum plate of sandwich taster, and small Sandwich maker baking trays etc.

aluminum sandwich taster baking trays

400T, 500T, 800T Aluminum Cold Chamber Die Casting Machines:

--used to produce all kinds of Aluminum cookware & kitchenware: Frypan, Saucepan, Pot etc

aluminum cookwares by LZ 500T 800T die casting machine

500T, 550T High pressure Aluminum Die Casting Machines:

--to produce washing machine parts.

washing machine aluminum parts by die casting

What is die-cast cookware? And, What is die-cast cookware made of?

Die-cast cookware made of aluminum.Die-cast cookware process is a high pressured process which inject molten aluminum into a mold by cold chamber die casting machine.

After trimming, polishing, machining process, we got a metal pan.Then, to coat non-stick materials on the pan inner and assemble with handle.A cookware was created.

The advantages of die-cast aluminum kitchen wares?

Aluminum material is more sensitive to heat and softer as well. It features aluminum kitchenware:

· Lightweight

· Durable

· Good strength

· Cooks quickly

· Excellent electrical conductivity

· Rust free

· Heat conduction better than stainless steel

· Resists scratching

· Recyclable

· Cheap

· Easy to clean

· Cool down quickly while cooking

The die-casting process of aluminum cookware involves 5 main steps:

· Ready Mold as per designed cookware type

· Injection of the mold & molten metal

· Solid aluminum cookware rough part be eject out from die casting mold.

· Clean burr and flash, cut the injection runner.

· Trimming, polishing and machining

Follow above steps, all aluminum working process are finished. We can got a aluminum pan.

How to produce Non-stick cookware?

One the aluminum pan basis, PTFE, Nonstick granite/cranite etc materials be coat on the cookware inner surface. Assembly with holder as per design. A non-stick cookware are created.

Is Die Cast Aluminum Kitchenware Safe?

Yes, they are safe. Adults can consume 30-50 milligrams of aluminum and it’s not harmful. Consuming a fair amount of aluminum will not harm your body because this is a common element in our environment. Aluminum is present in a lot of foods, medications, and even in water. only a little amount of that you consume is absorbed into your body, the rest of it passes through your digestive tract which is completely harmless. A treated aluminum cookware that does not react with foods, then it is completely safe.

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