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SELL 30T Vertical die casting machine for zinc/lead alloy

April 19, 2022

30T Vertical die casting machine used cast Zn( Zinc/Zamak), Pb(Lead), Sn(Tin) alloy parts, which have insert parts be cast with alloy together. Email:

30T vertical die casting machine (high pressure, hot chamber) specification & parameters:

Name Parameters Name Parameters
Locking Force 300KN Motor Power 5.5KW
Tie Bars Inner Space 345×295mm Accumulator Capacity 16L
Moving Clamping Plate 125mm Vane Pump Working Pressure 7.0Mpa
Profiling Thickness 110 – 190mm Electric Heating Tube Power 9.5KW
Injection Pressure 30KN Heater Hand Power 1KW
Injection Stroke 120mm Oil Tank Capacity 170L
Dosage of Fluid Metal Per shot Pb) 1000g Machine Weight ~2500Kg
Crucible Effective Capacity(Pb) 300Kg Machine Dimensions 170×90×250cm*2Parts
Vane Pump 30L/min    

30T S type Vertical die casting machine


30T Vertical die casting machine structure:

This machine have separate 2 parts: one structure is hydraulic oil tank, accumulator, hydraulic valves, electronic control system and control panek. Another structure is melting system, injection system and molding system.

Vertical die casting machine maintenance schedule:

No. Check position Check item Check standard
1 die-casting machine machine environment the machine is clean, and also clean the around of the machine
2 security system security door no loose, run stably and reliably
air cylinder of security door air cylinder no leakage, piston rod no drags, and signal recption is good
3 lubricantion system oil level of lubrication oil tank between the top and bottom limitation
lubrication effect add machine oil at every lubrication position, and without oil leakage
4 hydraulic system total pressure work pressure is good, pressure shake doesn't influence normal work, oil pump without noise
oil level of hydraulic oil tank overwhelm oil gauge entirely
hydraulic oil temperature between 55℃- -10℃
oil valve, oil pipe surface is clean, no loose, and no leakage
hydro-cylinder, piston rod oil tank is no leakage, piston rod is no drags, and good connection
5 gas pressure system pressure gage of atomized lubricator 5-6Bar setting requires 5-6Bar
ramming material air cylinder air cylinder is no leakage, piston rod is no drags
the gas of ramming material air cylinder no moisture
pressure gage of atomized lubricator oil quantity keep between top and bottom limitation
6 mechanical system tie bar ( draglink) surface is clean, no drags, and no injury
template no injury, surface is clean
cross guide rod surface is clean, no abrasion and drags
anti-loose mode locking piston rod and cross hold-down nut is no loose, and steel pin set screw clamp spring is no loose
7 electric system indicator light indicator light of power, lubrication, running is on when working
operation panel button is good and fixed solidly
wire be tied solidly and no damage
emergency stop switch can cut off the motor power when press it
stroke switch function of on-off is good, no greasy dirt, screw is no loose, pulley is no abrasion, probe is no breakage and no displacement
proximity switch surface is clean, no loose and no displacement
8 hot work temperature smelter temperature adjust the temperature to 350℃ when start, and keep for 20mins, then adjust to working temperature
nozzle head lift the machine frame, and check if the nozzle head is leaking
9 cooling system cooling pipeline no water seepage
  periodic table of maintenance
serial no. maintenance position maintenance content maintenance standard maintenance period
1 lubricantion system strainer, oil tank wash by diesel 2 months/time
lubrication pipeline, lubrication parts lubrication pipeline is unimpeded, change damaged parts 1 week/time
add engine oil into oil nozzle add engine oil 1 day/time
2 hydraulic system hydraulic oil sampling check half year/time
hydraulic oil change 1/3 hydraulic oil 1 year/time
nitrogen pressure no leaking 1 week/time
oil cylinder sealing element no oil leaking, no burn-in, and change the parts of burn-in (suggest to check and change before summer) 1 year/time
strainer, oil tank wash by diesel oil and check if there is damage half year/time
oil pump oil can come out normally, no abnormal noise 1 year/time
piston rod, piston head, cylinder bush, oil valve no galling, abrasion and fragmentation 1 year/time
3 mechanical system screw fastening 3 months/time
crank steel bush, steel pin and crank is no abrasion (steel bush and steel pin should be changed every year) 1 year/time
pulley wheel no scratch and displacement half month/time
mold adjustment device no abrasion and work normally half month/time
template copper bush no abrasion 1 year/time
cross guide rod, copper bush no abrasion and galling 1 year/time
parallelism of template   half year/time
coaxiality, verticality   1 year/time
security door can rotate and move easily half month/time
steel band no abrasion and galling half year/time
4 electric system stroke switch change 1 year/time
wire terminal check and fasten all the wire terminals 3 months/time
electrical appliance box keep clean and no dust, no bare wire 3 months/time
contactor, relay contact no scorch and oxidation 3 months/time
relay, time relay change 1 year/time
proximity switch fasten screw and clean the dust 2 months/time
motor no shake and abnormal noise 1 year/time
operation panel check all the buttons if there is loose or damage 2 months/time
5 hot work system thermocouple surface is no corrosion, if the temperature probe is good half month/time
  molten cup pressing plate check if it is loose 3 days/time
6 cooling system pipeline if it is leaking 1 month/time
  cooler if it is blocking half year/time

Vertical die casting machine free spare parts list:

Name Quantity
Shot Sleeve (Inject plunger) 1pcs
Steel Piston Ring 10pcs
Nozzle 10pcs
Gooseneck 1pcs
Nozzle Heating Circle 1pcs
Wrench 1pcs
LPG grab 1pcs
Allen wrench 1set
Heating Tube 1pcs
Pliers 1pcs

More about 30T Vertical hot chamber die casting machine price, or die casting mould, please feel free to email us: We will choose suitable machine types, suggestions of mould design, provide free die casting samples.



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