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SELL Battery Positive Spine/Grid Production Line

April 27, 2022

Lead Acid Battery Positive Spine/Grid Production Line consists: gird die casting machine, gird die casting mold, cutting machine. Details of PDC spine production line:

Type: Manual,Semi-auto,Automatic

Material: Lead-Antimony alloy,Lead-Calcium alloy
Usage: Tubular positive plates of lead acid battery
Original: China
Shipping Port: Shanghai,Qingdao
Lead time: 30-45days
Mold service: Provide spine casting die
  • T500, T700
  • SJT
  • 8454301000

Lead acid battery positive Spine/Grid Production Line is used to produce the tubular lead acid battery positive spine. The manufacturing process involves spines casting and spines cutting. A positive spine die casting machine, spine die casting mould and a spine cutting machine be used in the whole production process.

battery spine grid making process

The battery gird production line has 3kinds working methods:

1.Manual/Semi-auto spine production line

Lead alloy be feed into melting pot by manual. Electric heating tubes melting alloy in pot. Molten PB metal be inject into gird mould automatically. Operator picks casted grid from mold cavity. Use cutting machine to cut the gird runner and length to required dimension.

2.Automatic spine production line

Conveyor belt feeds PB alloy blocks to melting furnance. Grid die casting machine inject grids. Then a robot pick the grid up from mold cavity, and set it in a storage frame. Another robot move the grid to cutting machine, and got a finished lead grid part. Whole process is full automatically.

The Lead Acid Battery Positive Spine/Grid Production Line detail manufacturing process:

In spine manufacturing process, we suggest use manual production line. It is more cheap, fast and easy maintain than automatic line.

1.Lead alloy be melted in pot.

Electric heating tubes used to melt PB alloy. First time, we need used burner to melt the Lead alloy blocks to avoid the damage of electric heater. Or, ladling molten alloy into machine pot from centralized smelting furnace. Melting temperature can be controlled and adjusted. A dust exhaust hood used to remove waste gas.

lead alloy melting pot

2. Grid mold move down and connect with nozzle.

A longer hydraulic cylinder push and pull the grid mould up and down along the slant guide rail. Mold locking mechanism clamp the grid mold. Mould gate connect with injection nozzle tightly.

die working mechanism of spine casting macine

3. Molten PB alloy be injected into Spine/Grid mold.

A hydraulic cylinder with a plunger be set above the furnance. Plunger push molten lead alloy through gooseneck mechanism to nozzle and be inject into mold cavities.

grid die casting machine injection mechanism

4. Grid mold move up, opening mold.

Longer cylinder pull the grid mold up, mold-opening mechanism open the movable die half.

lead acid battery positive platen spine grid casting mold

5. Worker picks casted spine from mold cavities.

Manual grid making process, operator pick casted spine up from mold cavity. Clean and lubricate mold cavity.

clean lubricate grid mold cavity

6. Cutting machine cut the runner and to cut the spines as per technical requirement.

Casted grid be set in cutting machine. A fixture hold and limit the grid. Cutter move down, runner way and extra ribs be cut, got finished spine.

spine grid cutting machine

7. Another worker inserts spines into battery tubular plates.

The finished grid be insert into tubes by manual.

insert spine into battery tubular plate

The PDC Spine making machine application:

PDC-pressure die casting machine, which used to cast tubular positive plates grid/spine for lead acid battery. High pressure makes the gird with high-density. That allows the casted grid has good performance.

Which lead alloy types can be used to produce battery positive plate spines?

Die casting lead alloy types: Lead antimony alloy, Lead calcium alloy.

Spine PDC machine & Mold working period:

Grid Mold 20days, Spine Die Casting Machine 30-40days.

Grid Die Casting Mold Material and Life:

H13 or same type mold steel material.

Mold life: 3-5years

Lead Acid Battery Positive Spine/Grid Production Line Specificatons:

Battery Positive Spine/Grid Production Line Types:

PDC-T500 serious, PDC-T700 serious

Battery Spine/Grid Manual Production Line Specification:

(Free provide one set grid mold and one set cutting machine for a production line. )

  Spine length (mm) Spine dia.(mm) Pot capacity (kg) Power(KW)

2v 15tube

Single: L≤430mm;

Double: L≤470mm

≥3mm 1800 kg 45KW

12v EV

Single: L≤300mm;

Double: L≤210mm

PDC-T700 ≤630mm

Spine L

500mm≥3.0mm, 630mm≥3.4mm;


1800 kg 45KW

Service of Spine die casting machine and Spine mold:

1. Choose suitable machine type and making mold as per customer grid drawings.

2. Provide solution, help client to solve problems encountered in production. As per customer demand to improve machine and mold design.

3. Machine and mold, from steel cutting, welding, assembly etc, all processes finished in house.

4. Test machine and mold in house, any problems can solve in factory directly and immediately. Machine and mold test videos are allowed.

5. Free grids samples to buyer for checking.

6. Provide machine & mold operation manual and videos.

7. Provide machine & mold disassembly and packing videos.

8. All disassembly structure parts be marked, easy for assembly in your local factory.

9. Machine be set on a flat cement ground is enough, ready air pressure, cooling water and power. Don't need make special treatment for cement ground.

10. Provide service by videos and online operation guide by computer. (the engineer can indicate

your engineer to operate machine in English.)


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