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October 26, 2019

Operating CNC machining center, or CNC router, always need to set cutting tool and change cutting tool to meet manufacturing requirement.

“How to set and change the cutting tool in machining center?” is the common question.

The cutting tool setting

The tool setting point of CNC machining center is the reference point used to determine the position of workpiece coordinate system in the machine coordinate system after the workpiece is aligned and clamped on the machine.

Aluminum prototypes manufacturing
Aluminum prototypes manufacturing

Tool setting point can be selected on workpiece or clamping positioning element. There must be an accurate, reasonable and simple position corresponding relationship between the tool setting point and the workpiece coordinate point, which is convenient to calculate the position of the workpiece coordinate point on the machine tool (the machine coordinate of the workpiece coordinate point). The tool setting point should preferably coincide with the workpiece coordinate point.

Magnesium CNC machined prototypes
Magnesium CNC machined prototypes

Tool change point

Tool change point: the machining center has a tool magazine and an automatic tool change device, which can change the tool automatically according to the needs of the program. The tool change point shall be in the position where there is no collision and interference between workpiece, fixture, tool and machine tool during tool change, and the tool change point of machining center is usually fixed.

CNC milled workpiece
CNC milled workpiece

Horizontal tool setting (x, y coordinates):

(1) tool setting of lever dial indicator: the tool setting point is the center of cylindrical hole;

(2) tool setting with edge finder: round hole or datum edge

(3) adjust the cutter by touching the cutter or trial cutting.

Aluminum CNC Milling & Tapping Part
Aluminum CNC Milling & Tapping Part

Tool setting in Z direction (Z coordinate):

(1) on machine tool setting: use Z-direction setter to set the tool.

(2) pre adjustment of external tools + on-board tool setting.

(3) tool setting by external tool setting instrument: measure the diameter, length, blade shape and angle of the tool.

(4) the problem of tool setting in multi position machining of horizontal machining center.

Precision Accuracy CNC machining prototype
Precision Accuracy CNC machining prototype

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