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Transformer radiator forming machine: Hard rail or linear guide rail?

January 10, 2019

When we choosing CNC machining centers, milling machines etc we will meet the problem?Hard rail or linear guide rail,which one is better?

In fact, the opening and closing mechanism of Transformer oil tank radiator corrugated fins forming machine also have the same problem. But customers tend to ignore it, because considering cost and aesthetics elements, most manufacturers in the market just use liner guide rail. That is one of the key problems, why most machine can not produce good precision & appearance after one year. (Unless customers require to use linear guide rail, all JTFY1600&1300 transformer radiator corrugated fins forming machine just use standard hard rail)

Let us to learn what is HARD RAIL and what is LINEAR GUIDE RAIL?

Hard rail means that the guide rail and the machine bed are integral casting parts, and then the guide rail is processed on the basis of the casting. That is to say, the shape of the guide rail is cast on the bed, and then processed by quenching and grinding. There are also some guideways that are not necessarily integrated with the bed, such as steel-inlaid guideways, which are pinned to the bed after processing.

hard rail.jpg

Above is JTFY1600&1300 transformer radiator corrugated fins forming machine use standard hard rail

Linear guide Rail usually refers to rolling guide, which is the kind of linear module used in machine tool industry. We usually call this kind of component “linear guide”.

Linear guides themselves are divided into two parts: slide rail and slide block. There are internal circulation balls or rollers in the slider, and the length of the slider can be customized. It is a modular component, is a standardized series of individual products produced by specialized manufacturers, can be installed on machine tools, wear can be disassembled and replaced.

Many machine tools in the field of finishing are mostly using high-precision rails as machine tool guides, which greatly ensures the accuracy of machine tools. The imported products are Rexroth Germany, THK Japan, Nanjing Craft, Hanjiang Rail, Shangyin Taiwan and so on.

linear guide rail.jpg

Compair with above 2 photos, we can notice the hard rail is big and heavy, the linear guide rail is small.

Transformer oil tank radiator corrugated fins forming machine as a heavy machine(about 8.5T),It is easy to make a judegement which guide method is the best choice.

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