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November 15, 2019

High temperature to clean burrs.

Principle of high temperature burr free:

First place the parts to be deburred in the tight sealing chamber, and then send the mixture of hydrogen and oxygen with a certain pressure. After the spark plug ignites, the mixture will explode instantaneously, releasing a large amount of heat, and the instantaneous temperature is as high as 3300 ℃.

Due to the short explosion time, the burr of the part is burned out, while the other parts of the part are too late to change. In case of explosion, the high-pressure gas is all pervasive, and all the burr of inner hole, cross hole, groove, deep hole, etc. of parts can be burned off. Special high temperature deburring machine is needed.

Plastic CNC milling parts
Plastic CNC milling parts

Application scope of high temperature burr free:

This method is suitable for deburring of metal part, plastic and rubber parts with any structural shape, especially for parts with complex shape and difficult to be deburred by hand.

Magnesium CNC machined prototypes
Magnesium CNC machined prototypes

Principle and method of high temperature burr free:

In the process of operation, according to the materials of different parts, choose the appropriate mix ratio of hydrogen and oxygen (refers to the molar mass ratio of hydrogen and oxygen in the sealing chamber). Steel, alloy steel and copper are not sensitive to the mix gas. The mix ratio of hydrogen and oxygen can be in the range of 2:1 ~ 2:2, and the mix ratio of aluminum alloy is slightly higher than 2:1.

Secondly, the inflation pressure (referring to the mixture pressure in the sealing chamber) should be selected. Generally speaking, the inflation pressure of steel and alloy steel is high, followed by brass and aluminum alloy.

Before deburring, the parts must be cleaned and dried; after deburring, they shall be neutralized in phosphoric acid mixed solution to remove the oxide film.

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