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Zamak head door lock pulling wires die casting machines

November 24, 2015

Zamak head door lock pulling wires die casting machines

KYLT vertical zinc die casting machines be used in lock factories to produce zamak head pulling wires.

The advantage of this vertical injection method is pulling wires can be set in vertical direction, whole operation processes are visible, stable and more safe.

With spercial designed moulds, one injection can got 4-8pcs finished parts.

Here is one case, the worker operat vertical zamak injection machine to produce zinc terminal door lock guy wires:

 In vertical injection machine, the mould be set in vertical direction: fixed half in down postion, movable half in up position.

 Wires be set in cavites, they are stable in vertical direction.

 Clamping mold, the wires be locked tightly.

 Same time, protect door of machine close to protect worker.

 Operator control the injection process by manual.

Following the finished zamak head door lock pulling wire:

guy wires for door lock with zinc end.jpg

Whole wire length: 70CM

 Steel wire dia:1.2MM

 Zinc head dia (Min): 4.41MM

 Zinc head dia (Max): 5.11MM


KYLT vertical die casting machines also be used in brake wires, pulling cables, guy wires that widely be used in motorcycles, bikes, automotive, sport equipments, door locks etc.


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