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December 16, 2022

A Colombian client wants to use our full automatic die-casting machine to produce Zamak sports medals.

His email is as follows:

"I want to produce sports medals made in Zamak whose dimensions are 6cm in diameter X 0.5 thick on average, I am producing about 5.000 units per month, so what die-casting machine would you recommend buying?"

Our reply:

"Could you show me your sport medals photos or drawing. We provide machine and molds together. Normally our 20T small machine can produce it. We also have zamak die casting machines to produce Zamak parts as per clients' samples or drawings. We can quote for machine & mold. If you need finished zamak medals, we can quote also."

When we received the client's modals photos, we provide following solutions:

"I have discussed with the engineer, these medals normally use 55T~88T machine. Our machinery factory only has 25T machines.
After casting, need to do polish and plating work. In the plating process, air will have blistering on the Zamak surface.
So, we have 2 suggestions:

1. you can check with another machine factory to find a big machine.

2. our Die casting factory has an 88T machine, we can make zamak parts for you. We have a drying process to check the Zamak part air holes. So, if we provide zamak rough cast part to you, the rough cast part can do plating and sure no blistering on the part surface. You can do polish, plating, and coating in your local.
If your modals quantity is not big, please consider the machine cost and molds cost, maintenance cost, operation skill, etc issues."

Till now, we can know. Zamak die casting medals production key problems are the air holes in part bodies. The air holes will be blistering in the plating process. That is the reason why we do heat treatment after casting. By heating the zamak parts, we can separate the bad zamak parts with blistering.

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