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Zamak Zinc Die casting end wire rope die casting machine for two-wheeler and three

October 26, 2022

Two-wheelers and three-wheelers are the main means of transportation in India. The manufacturing of two-wheelers & three-wheelers are very popular.

The Zamak/zinc end wire ropes are widely used as a Speed adjust system, Direction control system, and Brake system in wheelers, bikes, motorcycles, cars etc. How to produce zinc end wire rope with high efficiency, low cost and good quality? Our hot chamber vertical die-casting machine and customized molds are the best solutions.

Here is a mail from an India Two-wheeler and three-wheeler manufacturer, which need our zinc/zamak end wire rope-making machine to produce control cables. The reference die-cast zamak/zinc end wire rope as follows:

zamak zinc end wire rope

Our 20T hot chamber vertical die casting machines and molds are the special machine to make the zinc end wire ropes, brake wires and control cables. Normally, the wire ropes require one side terminal or both side terminals need to be cast with zinc/ zamak alloy as drawing the designed structure.

20T vertical hot chamber die casting machine

Hot chamber vertical die casting machine requirement:

"Die-casting machine is mainly used for die-casting zinc alloy parts of ф1-ф3.5mm steel wire. The main features of the equipment are: stable and reliable operation, high accuracy, fast speed, the machine adopts 45 # steel quenching and tempering plate, machine hinge, matching Precisely processed by the machining center, the shape materials are cut by computer water cutting, the appearance is beautiful and durable, the main column is made of 40Cr steel after heat treatment, the surface is made of chrome plating, the hydraulic pump is made of Taiwan SML vane pump, low noise, long life It has the advantages of being hot. The heating adopts an electric heating tube to be combined with the pot body for heating. The heating system adopts PLC to control the automatic voltage regulation module to adjust the temperature with advanced PID control mode. The temperature difference is small, the heat preservation is good, and the life is long. Aviation, medical and other industries brake line, cable line, connecting line, sofa joystick, and the necessary equipment for the control line (rod)!

Zinc end Wire rope vertical die casting machine composition

The machine is mainly composed of the following eight parts:

1. Melting system: from 9KW electric heating tube (total power of heating tube, PID control generally only takes more than half), then heat zinc alloy pot to 420 ℃,

2. Hydraulic system: composed of a vane pump, oil circuit shunt plate, solenoid valve, etc.

3. Mould: Use the original Taiwan unified mold size!

4. Frame parts: mainly welded by 45 # steel plate and thickened square tube, and then de-rusted, and then subjected to high-temperature tempering and shaping, in baking paint treatment, beautiful appearance and stain resistance;

5. Electric control device: It is mainly composed of a touch screen, plc control Taiwan PID bidirectional thermostat, contactor, circuit breaker, Taiwan voltage adjustment module and other electrical components and cabinet body.

6. Cooling system: It consists of cooling pumps, pipes, joints, cooling boxes, etc. to cool the die-casting mold."

20T vertical die casting machine (side melting furnace type)

Photo shows SHIMANO special order vertical die casting machine for brake wire/control cable zinc end making.


20T Vertical hot chamber die casting machines test wire ropes samples show:

  1. Brake wires of car and bike: one mold 6-8pcs

  2. metal shaped terminal pulling wires: one mold 2-6pcs

    brake wire with zinc end cast by vertical die casting machine

Brake wire/cable-making machine

To cast zinc terminal with wire rope. The manufacturing process needs a die-casting machine, die-casting die, and wire ropes. The operator manually set wire ropes on mold cavities. Normally 12T machine one time set 6 wire ropes

The machine can be used to cast bike wire cable, motorcycle brake wire, car brake cable or wire-rope with zinc end terminal.

brake wire cable

About 20T Vertical hot chamber die casting machine price or die casting mold, please feel free to email us: We will choose suitable machine types, suggestions of mould design, and provide free die casting samples.


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