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February 24, 2020

Zinc die casting (Zamak alloy injection) is highly popular for making parts in Metal decoration, building and industrial fields. KYLT provide precison Zinc/Zamak injection and Aluminum die casting servcie.

zinc die casting pully
zinc die casting pully

Which machines used to inject Zinc alloy?

Cold chamber die casting machine: this machine used to make big size and heavy zinc alloy part.

zamak die casting part
zamak die casting part

Hot chamber die casting machine: this type is used to cast small size zinc part.


vertical zinc injection machine: which used to cast bick, car, motor cycle brake wire with zinc end.

brake wire zinc end
brake wire zinc end

horizontal zinc injection machine: which used to inject zipper, electrical spare part, jewelry etc.

zinc inject part for electrical
zinc inject part for electrical

With casting process there is often no need of further machining after casting: not only its accuracy is up to 99.8%, but casted products also can be used raw, since they have a pleasant finish. Zinc die casting usage is almost 28% in automotive industry, followed by building and hardware sectors.

Moreover, zinc can be the right choice to obtain high quality aesthetic components, with strict tolerances impossible to achieve with other materials, and to obtain embossing and grooves for mechanical or gear components.

By using zinc and its alloys is possible to produce components capable of reaching high aesthetic quality , with strict and narrow tolerances for shapes morphology. Zinc alloy is also used for plating purposes because of its many benefits, such as enhancing the already impressive anti-corrosion zinc properties.

guitar tuning gear (zinc alloy)
guitar tuning gear (zinc alloy)

What are the advantages of Zinc alloy?

Zinc alloys in die casting allows to develop products and to simplify production, providing a durable end-product. Zinc strength, ductility and stability allows specialists to obtain a better and more resistant product. It is this high ductility that makes zinc ideal for die casting process, in which it is necessary to sustain pressure and expansion without fracturing. Other zinc alloys advantages are used in die casting, such as:

  • Electrical and thermal conductivity
  • Raw material low cost
  • Strong stability, which grants a long-lasting end product with high quality finishing properties
  • Thin walls: they contribute to corrosion resistance for end products, increasing their durability in harsh environment
  • Economical for small parts
  • Low melting point, which means it requires less energy for production
  • Dies have a longer tool life
  • Complex geometries and quality finishing: by using zinc it is possible to cast intricate, thin walled and technically demanding parts with high precision
  • Top quality coating and chrome plating: zinc die casting components are fit for electroplating
zinc gear by die casting
zinc gear by die casting

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