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Fault Analysis of Expansion and Cracking of Transformer Corrugated Radiator

April 15, 2019

Transformer Corrugated Radiator leak oil problem analysis and the method to solve the problem.

ABSTRACT: The expansion and cracking of corrugated heat sinks in Amorphous Metal Transformers cause oil leakage.

The reason is that the large pressure difference between inside and outside of Transformer Oil system causes the expansion and bulging of Transformer Radiator. By reforming transformer and increasing oil pillow, the transformer can operate safely and steadily.

Key words: corrugated transformer tank; transformer; radiator; corrugated fins wall; differential pressure


The expansion and cracking of Corrugated Radiator and oil leakage of Amorphous alloy Transformer with fully sealed Corrugated Tank seriously affect the safe and stable operation of the equipment. In this article, the causes of transformer oil leakage fault are analyzed, and countermeasures are found and improved.

transformer corrugated fin wall tank

transformer tank with corrugated fin wall

Corrugated Tank for Oil filler Distribution Transformer,is made of steel sheet by JTFY Transformer Corrugated Fins Wall Forming Machine, Then use JTYF Corrugated Fins Wall Seam Welding machine to Weld the fold wall edges.Whole process is Full automatically, and controlled by PLC.

full auto corrugated fins wall manufacturing line

full auto corrugated fins wall manufacturing line

2.Transformer Corrugated Radiator Failure Cause Analysis

According to the classification and analysis of six oil seepage fault times, phenomena, fault transformer location, load situation, manufacturer and field environment temperature.

The Transformer Corrugated Radiatorfault features are:

1.the transformer with fault is amorphous alloy transformer;

2.the fault transformer with full-closed corrugated tank transformer;

3.the fault occurs after a certain period of accumulation of transformer operation;

4.The date of faulty transformer production is 2001-2004;

5.the faulty transformer is 10 kV transformer with capacity of 1600 kVA and 2000 kVA;

6.the faulty transformer is a power transformer powered by 1, 3 and 4 oxygen generating units.

Through analysis, the construction design technology of transformer manufacturer is relatively mature, and the faulty transformer is produced in different periods. The same batch and the same type transformer produced are well used in other places.

Exclusion method for Transformer Corrugated Radiator Fault:

According to the above situation, the causes of oil seepage are eliminated one by one, such as design errors, product quality is not up to standard, or the quality of raw materials in the same batch is not good.

Transformer Corrugated Radiator Fault Analysis:

The low voltage power transformer powered by 1 #, 3 # and 4 # oxygen generating units is faulty transformer. The load condition is studied and analyzed by the project team.

The common point of the oxygen generator is that the main low-voltage load of the transformer is three molecular sieve heaters. The heater is used to activate molecular sieve in the oxygen production process. The outlet temperature of the heater is maintained at about 220 C, and the temperature of the heater is controlled by an AC power regulator.

In a fixed period, the output power varies with the number of wave groups in the period, which is used to control the output power. According to the molecular sieve purification procedure, the heater works 80 minutes every 4 hours, the heater power is about 720 kW, the running current is 0-1200 A, and the periodic high current impulse transformer.

Amorphous alloy transformer is very sensitive to mechanical stress. Because of the periodic change of large current, the temperature of transformer rises and gas is generated continuously.

In addition, the transformer tank adopts the full-sealed type of corrugated plates. When transformer is running, the transformer without oil pillow relies on the expansion of corrugated oil tank to offset the volume expansion and contraction of transformer oil at different temperatures.

With the passage of time, the accumulation of oil and gas and the change of temperature resolved by the transformer cause the internal pressure of the transformer to exceed the deformation limit of the oil tank, and make the bellows radiator expand and crack, resulting in oil leakage.

3.Improvement measures and effects

When the volume of transformer oil expands or decreases with the temperature of oil, the oil pillow plays the role of adjusting the amount of oil, storing oil or replenishing oil, ensuring that the oil tank is full of oil.

At the same time, the transformer reduces the contact area between oil and air, and slows down the deterioration speed of oil. A ferromagnetic level gauge is also installed on the side to monitor the change of oil level.

According to the statistical data of transformer equipment in Gas Company, the fully sealed transformer with amorphous alloy corrugated sheet in Gas Company was reformed, and oil pillow and moisture absorber were added.

The volume of oil pillow should ensure that transformer oil can not spill out at the highest oil level. The coefficient of expansion of oil is 0.07% for every change of temperature and volume. Its volume is based on the criterion that the transformer can be seen in winter when it is out of service and does not overflow at the maximum load in summer.

The designed oil pillow capacity is about 1/10 of the transformer oil volume. By communicating with transformer manufacturers, we can determine the capacity of oil pillow, draw renovation drawings and carry out equipment renovation.

After the pillow modification is completed, the downtime rate of the equipment is reduced, the risk of damage to the Transformer Corrugated Radiator caused by the downtime with load is reduced, and the spare parts and maintenance costs are saved.

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transformer oil tank corrugated fin production line is full automatically

transformer oil tank corrugated fin production line is full automatically

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Phone: 008615195010186


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